I probably explained anxiety in the past, but I want to write this detailing things that I haven’t mentioned before. Anxiety can happen instantaneously.

You are probably drinking a cup of tea and all of a sudden you feel this rush of anxiety. It could be with anything. Your work, future events, health, etc.

So, it’s sometimes unpredictable.

In this article, I would like to list the advantages and disadvantages of having anxiety and why it can be beneficial for you.

Disadvantage of having anxiety!

1. Constant fear. Anxiety always brings fear. I mean, that’s where it begins. You are afraid of something, so anxiety and stress builds up.

2. Stress. Too much anxiety can cause unnecessary stress. By constantly thinking about things that causes anxiety, your end up stressful. Your body produces large amounts of cortisols and it can cause imbalance to the mind and body.

3. Waste of time. Excessive anxiety is a waste of time! Instead of thinking about ways to better your day or time, you end up constantly thinking about the negative aspects of anxiety. It does not just affect your mind negatively, but also your body and life.

4. People around you. Experiencing anxiety can cause for people around you to feel unpleasant. People can pick up on it because it is a form of negative energy. Therefore, people will experience what you are experiencing.

5. Self esteem. Anxiety comes from fear. But, if you keep feeling anxiety, then it will be ingrained in your mind. By feeling anxiety, the brain thinks it’s a normal thing to feel, so it would translate in your life. Constant anxiety can cause you to doubt yourself, which drops you self-worth.

6. Procrastination. Anxiety makes us hesitant, therefore not being able to get things done. You can also keep thinking about the object of your anxiety and not become productive because of the time wasted thinking about it.

Advantages of anxiety!

1. Being aware. Anxiety helps you to be more observant of your surroundings. Sometimes, we neglect the little things that might be important. However, having anxiety can help you analyze what’s around you.

2. Finding solutions. People that experience anxiety creates options for higher success. Because of the fear of the unknown, preparation is the key factor that helps when you are having anxiety.

3. Able to stop and think. Another great thing about anxiety is that you stop and think before proceeding. It’s very crucial analyze the situation before jumping for the bait.

How can you reduce anxiety?

1. Be aware. Addressing the cause of your anxiety can give you opportunities to see what needs to be overcome. Sometimes, we ignore the cause of our anxiety and never really deal with them. It’s counterproductive!

2. Embrace it. Hey, anxiety is natural. What can we do about it when it arises? You embrace it. Part of your current you, so might as well give a big hug. Besides, it’s liberating when we accept our flaws. Embrace it and feel it!

3. Making improvements. When it says improvements, it doesn’t mean your current self is flawed. It’s nothing like that at all! No matter where you are in your life, you’re always enough of a person. But, it feels good to improve oneself, constantly. In terms of anxiety, trying to overcome it by facing that triggers it little-by-little, day-by-day.

4. Take it as a gift. Think of anxiety as a gift. It helps you know your fears more. For many people, they are not fully aware what triggers their anxiety. Sometimes, we fool ourselves until certain situation occurs. So, take it as a gift.


Anxiety is seen as a negative emotion. But, anxiety is not all that bad when learning how to harness its benefits.

We went through the disadvantages for its obvious effects. Then, we learned the advantages that can help you as long as you are aware of it.

Then, we went through on how to reduce anxiety and control it.

Your emotions can be controlled, tamed, and harnessed. So, find ways to help yourself and others with all facets of emotions. Whether positive or negative, everything as something to offer.

Thank you and please leave a comment!


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