Everybody wants a slimmer waist and a powerful core!

However, many people do not want to go through the hassle of going down the floor and doing crunches.

Crunches and sit-ups do hurt people’s backs.

So, how do you lose belly fat? What is a painless and effective way for slimmer waist and still get stronger in 4 days? It’s called Isometric core exercises!

What are isometrics core exercises?

It is actually the best way to lose belly fat and you can lose it naturally. Isometrics exercises is a strength training where the angle or position do not change while contracting the muscles.

In essence, there are no movements while strengthening a specific part of that muscle.

For example, we want to strengthen our biceps at a 90 degree angle and to strengthen that, we bend our arms at a 90 degree angle and we contract our muscles. We can contract the muscles as hard as we can at that static position or provide an external resistance like a wall, belt, other body parts, etc.

You do not move at all, while you are contracting your muscles.

The good thing about isometrics is that people barely have any injures while doing these exercises, which gives this exercise method an advantage over other methods.

Plus, it makes the person more energized and more motivated after every exercise.

This workout can be use of all ages from young to senior and both men and women.

Tongue Placement! Crucial!!

While doing each and every exercise listed in this article, the tongue has to be placed on the roof of the mouth.

By putting the tongue on the roof of your mouth, it helps by expanding the nasal passages and makes your breathing experience more comfortable.

So while you inhale, the tongue must be kept on the roof of the mouth.

Core Exercise 1: Standing or Sitting Position

Our first isometric exercise for the core, we begin with the standing position.

The feet can be however way you want it. Therefore, the feet can be wide apart or it can be together.

But ideally, they would keep it at shoulder-length apart in order to provide reinforcement and more balance to your structure. The knees would be slightly bent at about 45 degrees angle at most.

Try not to go lower than 45 degrees because it will put more emphasis on the legs rather than focusing on your stomach.

Now we got the tongue placement, feet placement and the angles of the knees out of the way, let’s begin with the exercise.

  • Breathing!
    • We often breathe shallow! However, we should breathe in deep down to our diaphragm and down pass our naval. We breathe as much as we can for about 3 to 4 seconds. Remember, the chest does not move while breathing, only the stomach expands.
    • Once you fully inhaled, hold it for a second and then exhale for about 8 to 12 seconds. When you exhale, you are slowly blowing out the air and you are making a ‘hssssss’ or ‘phhhhh’ sound.
  • Contraction. As you exhale slowly, you are already contracting your stomach at the same time. The way you contract is by doing a vacuum by sucking in your stomach as hard as you can. It should feel like you are forcing your stomach to touch your spine. Notice while you exhale, your pelvic is shifting forward and while you inhale the pelvic shifts back. So when it shifts forward, that is the exhalation process and it helps the flow of the oxygen throughout the body.
  • Number of repetitions.¬†You can do it once or you can do it as many as you want, it is really your choice! Ideally, I would do 7-10 repetition per session.

Core Exercise 2: Laying Down Position

This position is easy. All you have to do is go on the floor, lay down on your back, and relax your body. You can actually do this exercise while you are still in bed and just waking up or when you are about to go to sleep.

Here is how the exercise is done:

  1. You are laying down on your back, flat on the ground or on your bed. Your hands are just on the side of your body and your legs are shoulder-length apart or it can be together.
  2. Now you begin breathing through your nose and your tongue is on the roof of your mouth. As you inhale, only your stomach will expand and your chest will remain still. Feel the oxygen going through your chest and down your stomach, reaching all the way below the naval area.
  3. After inhaling, you will begin to slowly release the air through your mouth. As you release the oxygen, you will make a ‘hssssss’ or phhhhh’ sound.
  4. You will begin to contract your abdominal muscles by doing tummy vacuums or sucking it in. Do it as hard as you can and you will feel your stomach as if it is going to touch the floor. Do it until all the air is released and take another breath right after.

Core Exercise 3: Crawled Down Position

The crawled position is similar to how baby’s crawl looks like. Basically, your hands and knees are touching the floor and they are both shoulder-length from each other. Your back has to be straight and it cannot be bent, while you do this exercise. Now let us begin with our exercise:

  1. Begin by putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth and inhale the oxygen through your nose at the same time. When you inhale, the air will go through your stomach and fill it up. Feel the air going all the way down below the naval area.
  2. Once your stomach is filled with air, begin by exhaling slowly through your mouth. As you exhale, you will make the ‘hssssss’ or phhhhh’ sound with your mouth.
  3. While releasing the air, you will begin to contract your abdominal muscles by doing tummy vacuum or sucking in. You have to vacuum in as hard as you can. Plus, the vacuuming needs to be done at the same time as when you release the air. You will feel as if your stomach is going to touch your spine.

Have them as your “Core” exercise!

Now, I have shown you a simple and effective way to have a slender, sexy, and strong core. You can do these exercises while standing, sitting, in a crawl position, and laying down on your back.

Notice how all these exercises focuses on vacuuming because it is quite similar to wearing a weight belt around your waist.

So by doing these isometric core exercises, it helps with your stability and your posture as well. It gives you a flatter stomach and produces power around it.

Plus, the exercises are simple and it can be done anywhere.

With these tools at your disposal, you can live an aesthetically beautiful and powerful life. It is all what you need and it is all in the grasp of your hands.

Please leave you comments if you have questions! Thank you!


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