Stress is not pleasant! Who wants that?! I haven’t met many people who likes stress. Usually, they just avoid it and think about something else entirely.

Even for me, I dislike thinking about the stressful situations that I had in my particular day. I mean, I just want to have a great time! Why bother with talking about something unpleasant?

But for real though? Is stress really all that bad?

Is it not that helpful? I think it can help and it’s a good thing too. Stress is used for survival!

It sounds insane, I know haha!

But, depending how you use it can make it worthwhile. Let’s go and I will show you.

Yay!! Story time!

Did you know I used to work at a fast food restaurant? No?!

Well, I used to work at KFC back in 2017. I was a Salad Prep!

I prepared food products and I cook them. For example, I cooked biscuits, grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, mashed potato and gravy, etc. However, I was not responsible for the crispy chicken and whatnot.

Anyways, that job was stressful!!

The manager treated everyone like she was the sargaent of an army. She would yell at you, belittle you, and treat you like a worthless scumbag. By the end of the day, you would feel like you were the worst human being to walk the planet.

Not to mention, the job had so much pressure! It was FAST! It was heart wrenching and mentally draining! My emotions was through the roof! And, it was physically draining! Lifting heavy things and going at top speed was insane. Especially, dealing with customers.

Everyday, people get injured! I got burned, slipped, slightly tore my foot, and received cuts. But, I had to keep going no matter what. No wonder why no one likes being a Salad Prep :O

I couldn’t even stand still for 10 seconds without getting yelled at for hours or being behind schedule.

However, one day I realized something. I was emotionally and mentally stronger in many situations.

Something changed in me.

Working at KFC helped me. I mean, it’s one of them. The stressful moments helped build my mental and emotional strength. I said to myself, “If I can learn how to cultivate this, then prehaps it can take me somewhere.”

From then on, working at KFC became enjoyable because I wasn’t just there for the money, but I was there to train myself and learn about myself. The great thing about it, no one forced me.

I also realized that all the stress that was happening was just created in my mind. It probably never existed in the first place. Because sometimes, the things a person hates might be enjoyable to another and vice versa.

I realized that it doesn’t matter what your circumstance are. If you learn how to overcome stress in any situation, then you will be better off.

I didn’t use stress to survive, but to grow.

Advantages of Stress.

I’m not saying you should always feel stressful. That would be strange if you like doing it. But, there are great things that can happen when faced with stressful situations. Here are the advantages that I’ve experienced during my stressful moments.

Fortitude. When I get stressed out, I become stronger than I was before the stressful event. Whether I’m dealing with anything physical or faced with emotional and mental situations, I’m filled with greater fortitude. However, for some people it might take time, but in the long run you become immune.

  • Just like the KFC story, I became stronger. Once I understood what was going on with my mind, I cultivated that stress to make me even stronger. I started to embrace the chaos.

Understanding. Stressful moments help you understand your limitations. Sometimes, we talk a big game, but we don’t always understand our capabilities. Now, this depends the moment of stress, but for my case it You begin to love the stressful moments because it helps improve yourself to the next level.

  • I became more aware of my limitations. There were moments when believed I could do everything on my own, so I overestimated myself. But, when situations occur, I would break down because I didn’t realize my limits. I felt stressed! So, stress does make you realize your limitations.

Tasks. Stress helps manage tasks more effectively! Stress happens when there is something to fear. Therefore, we take action to overcome anything due to stress.

  • For me, procrastination was common. It was a bad habit and perhaps I’m still struggling with it. But, it helped me finish my duties much quicker due to stress. It wasn’t spread out. The reward in the end is relief.


When stress becomes too much!

Emotional. It can cause depression and anxiety! Probably the most obvious, in my opinion.

  • Well, this is obivious! When I felt emotionally stressed, it made me feel extreme sadness. Before it was hard to control it, but now it’s easy.

Physically. It really affects our health. Such as our immune system. People can get sick and some people experience panic attacks. The chemicals associated with stress can affect overall health.

Mentally. It messes up our brain. It’s hard to think and it feels like your head will explode!

  • I get headaches when stress is too high. It feels like my brain is sagging.

Spiritually. When stress happens, it feels so draining. You become hopeless and forget about your foundation as who you are.

  • Sometimes, the feeling of being trapped is stressful. Even if I sit still in an environment I dislike stresses me out. It drains my energy.

How do I reduce stress in my life?

Identify. First, I recognize that I’m feeling stressed and identify the cause. I say, “Okay, my homework is killing me!!TT”

Stop and relax. Then, I stop whatever I’m doing and try to relax my body. Be present!

Start breathing. I begin to breathe deep into my stomach area. Feel the air flowing down. How to breathe?

  • Step 1: Relax and try to make your body supple.
  • Step 2: Sit or lay down comfortably.
  • Step 3: Take a deep breath into your nose through your stomach for about 7 to 12 seconds. Try not to expand your chest, but rather your stomach is being filled with air.
  • Step 4: After inhaling, exhale through your mouth slowly. As you exhale, tighten your stomach by vacuuming.
  • Step 5: Repeat the process 7 to 10 times.

Moving. After I do my deep breathing exercises, I start getting loose a bit. I try to move and free myself from any tension.

  • Do some walking, running, dancing, etc. Just feel the freedom!

Space and time. If I want, then I can put whatever I’m doing aside and give myself time to rest. Sometimes, that helps your mind recover from the stress. We have to listen to our body too.

  • Sometimes, meditation can help. It helps me!! If I need to rest, then I rest. I try not to force myself until breaking point. I rather start again, so I can enjoy whatever I’m doing.


You guys heard my story when I worked at KFC and how stress helped me build mental strength. I learned how to cultivate it and start embracing chaos.

Then, there were advantages and disadvantages with stress.

But, we learned how to cope with stress, at least how I do it (which is helpful!).

Stress is “stressful!” We always live with it, but we can learn to understand it. By learning to understand, we can grow and understand ourselves. Sometimes, stress helps understand our limits. We become aware!

We should learn to live, grow, embrace, and learn with stress. In my opinion, stress is not only used to survive, but to grow too.

Thank you everyone! Please comment and share your thoughts!^^

  1. Hi Ralph – everyone is exposed to some level of stress on a daily basis.  It’s a matter of how you deal with it, and people deal with it in many different ways.  I used to be a restaurant manager, and I would have to say that was my most stressful job I had.  But like you and your KFC job, I learned a lot from that experience.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on dealing with stress.


    • Hi Michele! Wow, I’m glad you feel the same about working at a restaurant haha. KFC made me angry in the beginning. It was a wave of bad energy for me, but we did learn to embrace that. If I didn’t embrace it, then I probably would have quit waaay before haha

  2. This is a great and informative article. Stress can make or Mar your life, depending on how you handle it. If you see stressful situation as stress, the situation will make your life stressful. On the other hand, if you see such situations as mere issue that will soon be over, it will not have any stressful effect on you. 

    Most of the stress we face at home or at work are mainly because we see them as stress. If we change our perception, we will change our situations. 

    • Hey AbiodunS, I remember years back, I was struggling with shyness. To the point, it made me feel stressed out. I guess, my perception of shyness was negative, so it stressed me out. But, I learned to embrace it and overcome it for the most part.

  3. So true! Positive stress is a key to survival but we tend to forget it. Why? Our lives are full of negative stress. Hurry up or you’ll miss the train. Traffic. Bills. Financial problems. Jobs we don’t like. 

    Our society is stressful.

    Breathing used to be my method to reduce stress. Then, one day I felt the need to get in contact with nature. Just breathing didn’t work well that day. I couldn’t concentrate on the routine. Too much stress.  So I went to a nearby forest and… I hugged a tree! Magic!

    Your article helped me understand what the tree means: Freedom. 

    Ever since I combine Freedom and Breathing to cope with stress. It works ! 

    • Oh, I didn’t realize that nature can be helpful too. I should try that as well. Deep breathing did save me some relationships to fall apart, probably due to some repressed anger I had. After doing that, it helped me. That’s probably just me.

      The system does make us feel trapped. And, sometimes it’s draining. 9-5 job, taxes, etc. It’s crazy!!

      Anyways, thanks for the comment and insight what I can add for myself, Effie! Let me try out feeling free again.

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