Sigh… anxiety, what a pain in the neck. You want to get rid of it, but it just keeps coming back. It’s the plague in our unconscious mind that goes real deep!

It’s always generated by fear and the world does’ nothing to help rid of it. The system has created more anxiety, so it instills fear in us. This causes us to doubt ourselves and not take action.

Since the dawn of man, anxiety has become part of us, so it’s nothing new. It’s in our genetic code! However, in the era we live, anxiety has skyrocketed even further than ever before. This time, it’s not survival for predators, but in our social norms.

For example, social media, school, financial, status, cliques, appearance, etc. Even the use of our phones causes anxiety! The system is cultivating our fear and they are succeeding.

That being said, I want to share my ways to reduce anxiety from your life. It’s simple, but it takes time. Here we go!!

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is basically fear driven from what’s to come. For example, parties, school, checking your likes in social media, interview, etc. Something that makes a person nervous and fearful of the unknown.

The symptoms I felt when I experience anxiety:

  • Heart rate increases
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty to think clearly
  • Restlessness
  • Body begins to tremble
  • Sleeplessness
  • Negative talk
  • Hesitant or panic
  • Depressed
  • Confused

However, anxiety is not all that bad! There are advantages as well. Here are my advantages and why they are helpful in certain situations.


Think twice with your decisions. Anxiety helps you think twice of your choices. Sometimes, we tend to go for our goals without thinking and we end up falling. So, thinking twice with your decisions is beneficial.

  • Honestly, I have done many reckless things that caused me to trip and fall because I didn’t think twice on my decision. I learned that anxiety is helpful when faced with a tough decision.
  • When I get anxieties as I make decisions, I learned to weigh my options. For example, I say “What is the worst that could happen if I do this and vice versa?”

Choosing your options. Anxiety allows you to weigh your options. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you have other baskets if others don’t pull through. And, it makes you choose a safer route.

  • Honestly, anxiety saved me many times in the past. Taking risks is great and all. But, it depends if your life is in danger or not.

You become more safer. Anxiety makes you hesitant and we think about the situation! Sometimes, we like the thrill of danger. However, there are moments when there is no turning back and it will be tough to escape it. That’s when we get injured, put other’s lives in danger, etc. So, anxiety helps you stay safe. Being fearful has it’s advantages too!

  • When I was young, I was shy, but really reckless. There were moments when I don’t think before I do things. I let my heart take the direction. At times, it’s good to follow your heart, but the risk of pain is greater. So, it’s a lot safer to stay put.

Comfort. Obviously, it puts us in the comfort zone. I mean risk is good, but it does’ feel better in our haven.

  • I think if you’re a lazy person, then this might resonate to you. Sometimes, I’m lazy haha. So, anxiety gives you excuses to stay comfortable.

    Limits. Anxiety recognizes your limitations. Sometimes, we are not confident with our abilities and that’s probably because of lack in preparation. Anxiety helps you become aware of your limitations.

    • I use anxiety as a tool to understand where I am. For example, “Man, this is making me have anxiety! Therefore, I need to face this and not run from it.”


    Taking risks. When anxiety hits, we become fearful. And, when we become fearful, we avoid the risks. Sometimes, taking risks is advantages.

    • For example, I was afraid of certain things, so I didn’t take many risks. But, something in my head told me the what ifs, right. So, I didn’t want to have thoughts of regret.
    • So, I decided to do things that make me uncomfortable haha. It’s strange, but after taking some calculated risks, it made me feel good. So, take safe risks! It will build self-esteem.

    Health-wise. Anxiety is stressful! You start sweating, shaking, having a hard time with breathing, digestion, etc. All the symptoms that I listed. Sometimes, you get nausea. At least, from my experience.

    • For my case, it’s messy. I was trembling and sweating. Of course, anxiety is always there. So, there are a few things that helped me ease anxiety.
    • Deep breathing helped me and humming sounds.

    Mentality. So many things happens in your head. The fear of the past, present, and future. It’s also hard to focus on tasks. Negative thoughts start racing in your head.

    • For some reason, thinking about the cause of my anxiety gives me a headache. Overthinking about it is not always good!
    • So, we have to relax!

    Emotional. You start becoming annoyed often. You get into this panic mode, like it’s the end of the world, basically. You start being mad at people and you can’t explain.

    • I remember, I had a job interview, but it was so far away. About an hour by bus. Plus, I’m bad at directions, so I was afraid of getting lost. So, I made stupid excuses for myself and try to rationalize the situation. For example, “It’s too far” or “I might find better jobs that are closer to my home.” Those kinds of excuses.
    • They way I overcame this and it wasn’t easy, I took out a piece of paper and listed the things that could happen if I keep this anxiety. I put down the things that might get lost or things that I might miss.

    Self-esteem. Obviously, you’ll feel like crap. Anxiety pulls out the you fear and it messes up brain. It makes you feel empty and worthless from the inside.

    • Sometimes, anxiety doesn’t help my self-esteem. It makes me feel unworthy at times.
    • Luckily, I get over it really quick and think that things will be fine. And, it always turns out great. Like Wayne Dyer would say, “Your thoughts become your reality.” I agree to the notion! You are what you think about. So, everything will be okay!

    Why I believe Anxiety is a good thing to cultivate

    For me, it’s a good thing because it reveals your fears. Before I believed fears were terrible, but I learned to understand it. I learned to understand that fear is something that I will face eventually. Something that should use to improve ourselves.

    You noticed in life, the same types of situation often comes back. We deal with the same types of situations and avoid them because of anxiety. Therefore, it haunts us again and again. It keeps chasing us.

    So, it’s a good thing because it helps you take the opportunity to dig deep.

    Various way on how I reduce anxiety

    • Dance. I start dancing all over the place. You can take some dancing lessons or just dance however you want.
    • Deep breathing. Inhale for 3 to 4 seconds in your stomach area. Once it’s filled, exhale all the air slowly. As you exhale you begin tightening your core muscles by vacuuming. Then, inhale and relax.
    • Exercise. It helps me relax. Exercising helps relieves stress and anxiety. Especially, walking helps reduce cortisol.
    • Hobbies. Doing the things you like takes away fears and anxiety. It helps cope with the emotion.
    • Talking about it. Whether you are talking with someone or alone, it helps release emotionally baggage. Expressing your vulnerability is key to success.
    • Positive thinking. Understand that anxiety happens for a reason. Everything has a season and anxiety was probably there for a reason.
    • Like minded people. Spending time with positive people. People that support you and will always be there for you. You don’t need many friends! Only the ones that you trust. Even your family is supportive. Pick you choice of people.
    • Accepting it. Just accept that anxiety is part of living. If we deny it, then it causes more anxiety and fear. Ironic right?
    • Meditation. Clearing your mind helps your understanding of your fears.
    • Doing things you dislike. It’s difficult at first, but you’ll get used it. I got used to it! For example, if you’re lazy, then start doing things at your pace. Like start waking up a little early or have a walk. If you keep doing things you dislike, then when it comes to facing the things that causes your anxiety will be cake walk.

    Anxiety is a good thing!

    Anxiety happens and that’s okay. It’s what keeps us living and it’s part of every living thing. So, there is no shame with it. It’s is not all that bad.

    People put a negative label to it, like it’s weak or cowardly. But sometimes, even the most toughest people in the world experience anxiety. They talk about how they being fearful and how it helped them push through in life.

    Just embrace it and make it part of who you are. Make it a tool for your growth.

    Thank you everyone and please leave a comment!


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