It is very hot right now at the place I am living. Tight shirts are not ideal for a weather that will make you sweat like a waterfall. For me, it would be nice to feel the breeze instead of just the glaring heat. So, I complied Crop Top shirts that can help people feel comfortable during a hot season and decide which can help them for themselves.

Pineapple Logo Crop Top – Heather Navy & Triblend Maroon from Love Fitness Apparel

croptop by love fitess apparel navy

croptop by love fitess apparel maroon

Photos by Love Fitness Apparel

To tell you all the truth, I was not quite familiar with crop top shirts or even was not aware of how it looks like. However, when I saw the Pineapple crop top shirts, I had an ah-ha moment haha. I thought to myself, “WOW! Crop top looks quite attracting and cute!” I realize, there are many women that are wearing them and it sort of amplifies their aura a bit more, in my opinion. Plus, I love the colors because it makes a person seem confident looking, in my opinion. It makes a person look more in-depth. However, some people might not be comfortable to wear short shirts because it can reveal too much skin. So, these kinds of shirt might not be your cup of tea.

So, I decided to showcase my opinions of various Crop top shirts that I thought looked cute haha. Although, I am not sure if I have seen guys wear crop tops. Maybe I have, but I probably did not notice.

In my opinion, I feel it can be used for workouts as well. Considering the fact that it helps cool down the body at extreme heats. So, I feel it is practical, in my opinion.

I love the pineapple logo on the shirts. It has that island feel to it and summer feel too. Therefore, making it feel more relaxed.

    • Product: Pineapple Logo Crop Top – Heather Navy & Triblend Maroon
    • Price: $24.00
    • Place to Buy: Love Fitness Apparel (Blue) & Here (Maroon)
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Sizes:

Image by Love Fitness Apparel

Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top from Love Fitness Apparel

croptop by love fitess apparel tropical palm trees

croptop by love fitess apparel tropical palm trees black

Images by Love Fitness Apparel

Honestly, I like this kind of crop top shirts! Why? If I were a woman, then I would like most of my shirts quite similar to Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top. Because it is loose and flows! Despite, being a bit loose, it still helps retains a person’s attractive. In fact, I feel people who wear these kinds of shirts glows. Not to mention, it is not as short as some crop tops. SOME females’ are not into short shirts and who are not interested in revealing too much skin, so the Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top might be your cup of tea.

The colors are contrasting from one another, like a yin and yang The Mauve colored shirt, looks relaxing! It feels like you can just walk with your honey or whoever, down the beach and drink some milk shakes along with it. It feels lighthearted and outgoing in a way. It’s more open, in my opinion! The black shirt, in my opinion, adds mystery to it. It’s very sexy and it looks appealing as well. However, dark color on a hot summer day can be a bothersome, but hey, it looks and feels good either way. I love the contrast of colors that can help magnifies and amplifies their attractiveness in their respective colors.

    • Product: Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top
    • Price: $23.00
    • Place to Buy: Love Fitness Apparel (Mauve) & Here (Black)
    • Gender: Female
    • Sizes:

Image by Love Fitness Apparel

Crop Tops Feel Good!

Based on my observation of these shirts, I would say I like their appeal. In my opinion, it has that attractive nature to it because it is not too revealing and it feels confident. The nature of a crop top to me is relaxing and it does amplify a person’s aura more. For me, I am not really into tight shirts, despite me wearing some haha.

However, even though it feels loose, sometimes some crop tops can be a bit short for some people’s cup of tea. So, if you don’t want to reveal much of some of your skin, then some crop tops might not be for you. But, if you are the type of person that wears loose shirts and a little skin, then crop tops is your style.

Anyways, this is my review for these wonderful crop top shirts! If you have any question, just drop a comment and I will be with you shortly!

Thank you

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