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  • Product: Centrum Adult Daily Multivitamins, 130 Count
  • Price: $16.99
  • Place to Buy: Amazon
  • Size of Containers: 2 Bottles – Large with 100 tablets & Small with 30 tablets
  • My Personal Rating: 9.6 out of 10

My Product Overview

I started taking Centrum because these past few months I have been suffering from a major flat line. This flat line hit me all of a sudden and it was not expected. I was feeling depressed, apathetic, and unmotivated to get things done. I thought the flat line would go away for a few days, but it was not going away. I was frustrated!! So, one of my loved ones recommended me to take Centrum and see if it would help me a little.

After taking Centrum, I started to feel the benefits immediately! And the benefits are something that I will share with you all and how I thought about the contents. Remember, this is based on my experience and my opinion of the benefits that I felt.

Heightened Energy

Before taking this supplement in the last few months, I would feel apathetic, almost like a moving dummy with not much emotion. But when I started taking Centrum, I felt an overflow of energy that was surging in me. It was almost as if there was electricity going up and down my body. It really felt good because it was a sensation that I started to miss after a while.

I felt like a roaring lion, due to this new profound energy. My eyes would light up and I felt jumpy for a bit. I felt like I can go for hours or days with any physical hardships and still dominate my day.

Increased focus and motivation

Before taking Centrum, I did not always feel motivated or was in a mood to do anything at all. I just wanted to sleep for another 5 minutes and let the day goes by. However, when I started taking Centrum, I felt more motivated to work harder for myself and just focus on how to improve more. I felt I needed to be productive and complete a task or else I would be worrisome if I did not.

Also, my focus was sharper, than it was prior to taking the supplements. Before I would feel distracted every time I try to do a task. So, I had a hard time keeping my concentration. But after taking Centrum, it became a lot easier to focus on the tasks necessary to accomplish.

Digestive and immune system became more sound

For some reason, when I began to take Centrum, I began to feel like my stomach is being massaged by delicate hands. It sounds strange, but this is what I have experienced. It felt like a circulation in my stomach. This is probably because I just began taking the supplements, so my body reacted in a positive way. However, I felt slightly hungrier than usual and this is probably, due to the richness of the b-vitamins in the supplements that help metabolism.

It’s strange, I thought I would feel sluggish when I would hungry more often. But it made me crave for action to take for myself. For example, instead of waiting for someone to cook due to me being lazy, I would take the initiative to cook for myself.

Plus, my internal organs and immune system felt stronger. However, it did take some time kick in, due to the content being able to digest.

The contents of Centrum Adults Daily!

Centrum comes in with two bottles, one bigger bottle with 100 tablets and one small bottle that contains 30 tablets, which is a total of 130 tablets as stated on the box. The tablets are about a half inch long and the color is beige colored that tastes bitter.

The nutritional facts that are contained in Centrum are from Vitamins A to Zinc. Many people lack the sufficient minerals needed for the body. Centrum covers all those aspects that are needed for the body operate at a high level.

Of course, nothing beats eating natural fruits and vegetables in terms of raw nutrition. Centrum serves as an alternative, but not a be all and end all for everything.


Taking Centrum for adults daily is worth trying it out. Of course, consult your doctor first. Anyways, with all that benefits that has been presented, it sure gave me a worthwhile experience. I felt more energized to do many things in my own day. I didn’t make me feel apathetic, so it felt like a boot in power in my opinion.

I would rate this product a whopping 9.6 out of 10 because I felt more motivated, than I ever was prior to taking it. I felt more empowered throughout my day. Usually, I do not phrase supplements this much, but Centrum is an exception. They are good, so I highly recommend this product to whoever needs that extra boost in anyone’s daily life. Although, I still highly recommend eating natural produces, like fruits and vegetables. Nothing beats mother nature’s raw nutrition!

Please, leave comment if you have any questions!

Thank you all!

Thank you

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