Detroit Become Human Review

How I discovered the game?

My sister introduced this game to me. Of course, I already knew about Quantic Dream, but I didn’t know they made a new game.

I didn’t know what to expect from this game. I thought it would be a first person shooter type.

So, I played it! This game change how I see my life and what inner strength is about.

I decided to give a brief review of it, while minimizing as many spoilers as I can.

What the game is about

In 2038 at Detroit, Androids has become popular among humans. Humans buy androids for their convenience.

Because androids never disobey, tire, or complain, they are replacing many humans in certain fields, thus are becoming the labor workforce.

However, something happens along the line that made androids have free will and emotions. They are thinking for themselves and they want freedom! The Androids become deviants! A deviant is when an android expresses emotions and free will to think for themselves.

The players control three Androids, Connor, Kara, and Markus. It allows us to uncover their lives as deviants.

Connor, an android created to investigate and hunt down androids that gone deviant.

Kara, Initially, a caretaker for Todd and Alice. She will do what it takes to protect Alice at all cost and in search of freedom.

Markus, an android that works as a server, but later becomes a revolutionary leader.


Gameplay. The gameplay features character interactions and quick time events. The game presents the players’ various buttons to press for action sequences. This determines the character’s success and the characters can die as well. As the story progress, the player decides each of the character’s fate. Each decision has consequences, which leads to different outcomes throughout the story. The characters can live or die. Plus, it allows the players to decide their outcomes.

Graphics. The graphics are great! The CGI models look just like their real-life counterparts. The movements are quite fluid.

Music. The music was fantastic! The execution was phenomenal! Each scene became more captivating when they added their music. It gave me goosebumps.

Cinema. Every scene was done well! It felt like a movie and the motions of the characters felt like real people. I was interacting with them.

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LIkes & Dislikes


  • Characters
    • Depending on your choices, the characters are relatable. They struggle their inner demons. As I played it, I felt I was the characters and it made me care about their journey.
  • Music
    • I loved it! The trio had their respective themes that match their situation. The music score gave me goosebumps.
  • Gameplay
    • I like the quick time events! Those were fun moments and it gave me goosebumps. I was always scared to mess up haha. There are things that you might still miss along the way. The movements of the characters were great! I loved the exploration
  • Story
    • Honestly, this game is probably my favorite of the Quantic Dream productions. It felt like I was part of the story. I was so scared for the characters and there were precious moments. Even small moments that I will never forget. For example, when Alice was happy in the theme park. That was the first time I’ve seen her that happy.
  • Choices.
    • This game is heavy on choices. The choices you make can either lead to a different outcome throughout the game, relationships with your comrades can change, and their overall characters can change. I like the fact that it solely depends on the player’s choices.
  • Controls.
    • Surprisingly, I liked the controls. It’s straightforward and it’s not complicated.


  • Expressions
    • I watched the making of the game. For some reason, during the production, the actors showed more emotion than their game counterparts. It felt like some characters couldn’t express their emotional expressions fully.
    • For example, Markus was impactful, but not if he was able to show more emotional expressions during his speeches.

What did I learn from this game?

During my playtime, there were things that made me realize. Here are a few things!

Love. The game drives deep on love. That it makes no difference what you are.

Identity. The characters discovered themselves along with their journey. It was stunning! During my path, I was able to relate to them.

Equality. Obviously, the androids want freedom. It showed me that as humans, we are still ignorant to those that are different. It’s one of the dark natures of this game.

Choices in life. You can never turn back time. So, the choices we make in life should count.


Story and theme: 9.5/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Music: 10/10

Cinematics: 9/10

Controls: 8.5/10

Characters: 10/10

Graphics: 9/10

Total: 9.29/10

Detroit Become Human is FANTASTIC!

In conclusion, I recommend anyone who hasn’t played this game. It’s one of the most endearing games I ever played. My emotions riled up. It was intense!!

The choices we make in life counts. Sure, as long as we live, then it’s never too late for anything. Just how I discovered about the game was a bit late, but nothing is late in life. But, what matters is living in the present moment.

Thank you Quantic Dream for an amazing game!

How I deal with ANGER and how it helps you! What are there PROS and CONS?

Anger is one of those things that burden us.

We live in a world of fear and anger. The world makes us believe what we can’t do and it angers us. It drives us insane and it makes us do things we regret later in our life.

But one thing for sure, anger is not all that bad as long it’s used properly. Especially if it’s used at the right direction! When we learn to embrace anger it becomes a window.

I’ll show you! But first, let me tell you one of my experience and how I overcome them from time to time.

The angry me!

As a young person, I am prone to anger. Especially, when there are things going on with my life and there are many things to think about.

There are things I did in the past that I regret, but many times those helped me realize my situation.

I’ll give one example!

There was a girl that I used to like. Let’s call her SA (If you read my heartbreak post, you will know this story). We didn’t get along after our misunderstanding and I tried to reconcile with her. I wanted her to forgive me. From time and time, I sucked it up and tried my best to repress my emotions.

Despite her rejecting all my attempts, I never gave up on her. That kept going on for 6-7 months, but no prevail.

During the first phases, I hit a depression and it was frustrating. Every day felt like hell!

As time went by, my frustrations piled up.

Until one day in March of 2017, that’s when I got angry. I yelled at SA and her friends because it brought flashbacks of the person that I care. Let’s her call her KA.

My thoughts were “KA was hurt because of them in the past. I didn’t want to stand there and do nothing!!”

So, I shouted at them. I became enraged!

I was seeing red and black. I didn’t think clearly. I heard SA was really scared. But, I didn’t care at that time.

Was that a mistake on my part? Definitely! Because that didn’t show who I was as a person and it frightened some people. I might have caused casualties, which I’m glad never happened. Or else, I would regret it for the rest of my life!

Later that evening, it helped me realize I needed to finally let go.


Anger definitely has disadvantages! Especially the consequences that happens after it happens. So, you guys better be careful!

Scary. Being angry makes you look scary! I mean, it’s obvious! Who wants to deal with that!?

  • I remember after I got angry at SA and her friends, SA got frightened. So, it did make me look scary. Did I regret it? In the beginning, yes, but not anymore. Did I make a mistake by shouting? Yes, I did, but I was grateful no one got hurt.
  • I learn to calm myself first before an outburst and think things through. Or else, I’ll look like the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Relationships. Anger causes relationships to fall apart. It leads to consequences that could be difficult to restore.

  • Sometimes, I offend people when I am angry, so it does leave a scar on them. Sometimes, I regret doing those things, but we learn from them and we move on.

Pride. In my experience, anger is usually triggered by pride. Everyone has egos that keep them protected. So, when that protection is gone, people can’t help but feel a sudden burst of emotions.

  • Sometimes when I get angry, I feel my pride has been hurt. I do have a slight ego, so that’s the thing I always try to improve on.

Control. Sometimes, we can’t control ourselves during an outburst. We just allow it to control us and that’s our choice too.

  • Honestly, sometimes I lose control when I get angry. I say things that I didn’t mean to say.
  • I learn to control myself by deep breathing. Deep breathing through the stomach helps clear my mind. Meditation helps as well!


Learning a lesson and personal responsibilities. Sometimes, after getting mad you start regretting. SO, when you regret, you begin to learn from that regret and dislike feeling that way.

  • Everytime I get angry, I tell myself “I shouldn’t have done that :(.” It does make me think for a while. But after learning from it, I feel grateful afterward.
  • In my opinion, anger reminds me of my weaknesses. Whatever offends me tells me more about my insecurities.

Health. It’s healthy because it helps release tension in the body. In my opinion, tension is like your repressed emotions. Tension that leads to consequences like violence and insanity. Sometimes, we hold back our anger, which builds up until no return. And, when things don’t go our way, we release all that built up anger to anything we see. So, getting angry is okay if we put it in the right place.

  • When there were moments that I repressed my anger, it made me feel horrible inside and my day would feel terrible.
  • What I do, I go to an isolated place and start getting angry on my own. I shout, punch the wall, sometimes cry. After doing that for some time, I feel fresh and relaxed. I felt like the weight on my shoulders disappeared. Another way I do it is to talk to myself and express what I’m feeling. A lot of times, I learn something about myself.

Relationships. So, getting angry helps improve relationships. You express your frustrations to whomever that you had a fight with and try to resolve it.

  • Sometimes, we have difficulty expressing our frustrations towards anyone. But, it’s okay to become vulnerable. You let them know what boundaries not to cross next time it occurs.
  • However, what I learned is that it’s only effective if we express our feelings without blaming. We tend to blame anything that we think that caused us to feel angry.

Boundaries. It reminds others to not cross our boundaries and it’s healthy to have them.

  • Anger is like a reminder that we have things we need to protect and value.

How to manage it?

Accept it. Ignoring the feeling of anger or repressing it can give you unstable reactions in the near future. You have to admit your anger because if not then it causes a person to feel terrible. Once you accept your anger, then the weight on your shoulder disappear.

  • In the past, I didn’t want to admit that certain things made me angry. So, if didn’t help my cause. It made me feel more depressed as time went by. It’s toxic!!
  • I overcame this by admitting what always made me irritable. When I did that, I felt better and I became more aware of my thoughts.

Question yourself. You have to ask yourself, why a certain thing is pissing you off! You have to take your time to get access to yourself. Instead of question other people who piss you off, why not question yourself too. Sometimes. blaming others is easy, but it’s hard to look at ourselves

  • I had that issue in the past. I never questioned my anger, so I blamed others for not doing things as I wanted or expected. I had some pride back then, so admitting myself that I could be wrong didn’t cross my mind.
  • But this all changed in 2017 when I shouted to SA and her friends. I was becoming the person that I despised. I wanted to change that, so I became more self-aware.

Choice. It’s our choice to change. We have to realize the consequences of this action if it goes out of control.

  • In my case, I chose to feel angry at times. Our emotions are our choice after all. Only I can give myself permission to feel offended by others. We hold our own doors to people. Nowadays, if people try to hate on me on purpose, I just close my door and shrug it off. Shrugging your shoulders helps too!

Embracing and expressing. Telling people how we feel when we are angry is helpful. Embracing the emotions and thoughts when it occurs feels more liberating. Instead of pushing it away, we have to see for what it is. Anger is an emotion and it should embrace the same way as happiness. It also feels better to express the things that make us angry.

  • Before I used to blame people for my anger, but it never helped. It only made things worse. I channeled my anger towards people instead of self-expression.
  • What I’ve learned when trying to express my anger, it’s better to let the other party know how you feel about their actions instead of blaming. For example, use “I feel …… when you do this ……” instead of saying “You always do this and that and this …….” It’s showing your vulnerability, which helps the other party to relate.


It’s okay to feel angry and it’s healthy. Even I struggle with it.

Anger does have its disadvantages where it makes you look scary and out of control, but does have advantages.

Advantages for health and learning lessons!

Anger is healthy! If we repress our anger it expands and can cause a larger problem! So, express your anger. Express it without judgment and a healthy way. Never in a violent way.

Expressing how we help to liberate us and understand ourselves. You begin to accept the emotion and yourself.

When you understand your own anger, it helps to understand others feeling it.

Thank you for reading and please a comment!

How do I go about self-development? What’s the good and the bad?

Everyone knows what self-improvement is. Self-improvement is wanting to better oneself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.

Things that are good to make a person’s life better.

However, how do I go about self-development!! What’s the good and the bad?

There is a bad?!


Sounds crazy right?

You will find out soon and why I say this.

When I started getting serious…

I started becoming serious with self-improvement, probably, 2 to 3 years ago. My life was a mess at some points and it felt I needed a complete overhaul.

I wanted to change!!

I was heartbroken during those times. I felt my foundation was lost. The Ralph during those times was fading. In fact, I didn’t know myself anymore.

As time went by, slowly but surely, I didn’t know myself. The foundation that I built during the years was chipping away and it was painful to lose myself.

During my lows, my best friend would tell me to “focus on you.” I didn’t understand what he meant at that time, but I thought you ignore the problem. That’s true, but knowing how stubborn I am, it didn’t click at that time.

Until one day, I wanted to improve myself.

When I did, I discovered advantages and disadvantages. A bag full!!

Super advantage of self-improvement goals

Self-improvement is a positive action for yourself. It’s one of the first act of seeking love for yourself. It’s similar to how parents help their child grow but in your own terms.

It’s Fun!! There is nothing more enjoyable than to help yourself. It becomes a healthy addiction because you see yourself at the end of the road successful.

Motivation and Productivity. Improving oneself increases to want to succeed. It becomes a 24/7 job only exciting. Especially, when we are in a world that operates in a 9 to 5 system. Therefore, there is not really a lot of time to spare for us. However,  as you spend your time improving, it becomes an addiction. And, when it becomes an addiction, you become motivated and productive.

  • Another thing that I realize when I do self-improvement, I was passionate. I had this laser focus! It felt good and I felt unstoppable. It feels like I need to get things done or my day can never become complete. It really feels good knowing I’m coming closer to my goal.

Having Self-awareness. For me, I’ve noticed details about myself that I never knew about myself. For example, how my body always tenses when I’m under pressure. Plus, I become aware of my thoughts and reasons why it happens. So, that’s the thing that helps me improve.

Skills improve. Without a doubt, your skills skyrocket! This is a no brainer haha!!

Self-Love and value. Personal improvement is searching for yourself. And, when we look out for ourselves, then it’s the act of love. It’s the reward for yourself and how you want to see yourself in the future.

  • For me, as I improved myself, then the more I loved myself. I discovered who I was and what I am. However, I didn’t love my current and especially my past self. I was only looking forward to loving my future self. The one that I am improving and aspire to become.
  • So, one day I realized. It helped me realize that your future self is not the only thing you should love about yourself as you self-improve. But, loving oneself from past, present, and future. No matter what!! Personal development opened my eyes to what I am. This all happened in 2017.

The disadvantage is self-improvement goals!

Now, let’s explore personal improvement’s negative setbacks.

Lack of appreciation. We can never have enough in the world. People that always strive for more, barely see what they already have. It’s the lack of belief in themselves that appreciation for the present moment is absent.

  • In the past, I always thought about doing more. When I finally reach my goal, I always think I needed more of that. I was never satisfied and I pressured on myself. It consumed my mind to keep wanting more of something that I already had. I was never at peace. I thought that if I get it just one last time, then I would be okay. But that didn’t happen.
  • Eventually, I got over it. But, sometimes I’m not perfect, therefore I would want more. However, it doesn’t disrupt my peace of mind anymore.

The way of understanding. Sometimes, personal improvement can hinder our understanding of ourselves at the moment. Sometimes, we have our own issues, but we can’t seem to understand the cause of it. We seem to ignore our issues, therefore never dealing with them at first hand. We believe, self-improvement can remove the issues, but it will always be there.

  • A few years ago, I was constantly improving on my confidence. I felt unstoppable and it felt good knowing I improved. But, there was always something that I didn’t understand. I was sad. I thought, if I kept improving, then the sadness would be gone. I was wrong. It was useless to keep building something if there was something that felt off with me.

You can become Obsessed with your problem. The reason people improve themselves is that they believe they have a problem. They believe that something is wrong with themselves. Therefore, they throw away what they were and focus on creating what they believe is correct. They abandon themselves and start anew. However, if a person sees themselves as a problem in the first place without dealing with that issue, then the root of the problem will always be there. Therefore, if a problem arises with oneself, then the same issue will resurface.

  • Over time there was a personal issue I was dealing with, I become overly obsessed with trying to fix what was “wrong.” I somewhat became paranoid of any negativity I had. I believe, perfectionism was the answer. But not really! I just drove myself crazy!
  • It wasn’t healthy. So, I decided to free myself from perfectionism and enjoy the process. When I became obsessed, it was similar to a person telling me that there was something wrong with me. I just pestered myself. So, letting go had an effect.

Comparison. Self-improvement is good as long it’s kept within oneself. However, we get sidetracked and compare ourselves to others. We either believe we are superior or inferior to other parties. When we believe that, we become consumed my resentment.

  • I remember a time when my reason for improving myself was due to others being better than me. I had a somewhat big ego before, so feeling superior to anyone made me feel great. But, when others did better, then I would feel a little irritated.
  • One day, I wanted to rid myself of seeing other people for their successes and focused on what I had to offer. I’m glad I noticed it right away and I started focusing on myself. It sounds selfish, but you have to do it.

Lack of being enough. At the end of the day, self-improvement reveals the lack of our desires. As long as we can’t accept ourselves, then we are bound to change something in or out of ourselves. Some people haven’t accepted themselves and by constantly changing their beliefs, they create an illusion for themselves. Self-improvement sometimes hides what we lack and the emptiness. Regardless, you are what you are and we should accept that.

  • In the past, I felt that the only way to fill the void in my heart was to improve everything else in life, which is not a bad idea. But, I did it because I wanted people’s recognition. I wanted people to see how great I am. But, I realize that in the end, it made me sad. It didn’t make me feel enough.
  • I finally overcame this issue not too long ago. I finally let go of anyone’s approval. I fully accepted what I am, regardless. Past, present, and future, you should always love yourself.

Why you are always enough regardless.

Self-improvement is cool! But, some people do it because they don’t feel enough with their current state.

Honestly, I’ve realized that the reason I did self-improvement was not that I wanted to, but it felt that I had. I never felt complete with myself, so I was constantly refining and changing things.

And, there was a cost to it. I ended being indecisive because I felt a lot of things about myself needed some fixing.

However, that never made me happy, despite my personal development. I feel regardless, I would always feel the same way because I lacked contentment with myself.

It only felt like I needed to prove something to people and that failed miserably. Frustration loomed over me and I started to feel lost again.

Then one day, I gave up on trying to prove a point. I didn’t care about it anymore.

When I gave up, I started to realize the precious life that I had. It made me see the colors of my life again. It made me happy that wherever I am and even the past, I will always feel enough.

The pressure is off and now I can feel free knowing what I am is enough.

Overall, I love self-improvement

In conclusion, personal improvement is great! We should always strive to become the better versions of ourselves. There are so many resources for it as well! Like websites, training, techniques, books, tips, etc.

There is so much advantage when improving oneself and there are some disadvantages as well.

But regardless, we should enjoy the process and never forget who we are.

Others believe if something goes wrong then we don’t feel enough. Therefore, we have to change what we are, so we do personal development.

In my opinion, whether you are rich or poor, sad or happy, ugly or pretty, self-improvement won’t matter as long as we accept ourselves first.

Thanks for listening and reading everyone. Please leave a comment!