Emotional Pillar: My story of being shy! How I embraced it and overcame it!!

girl overcoming shyness through singing

Being shy isn’t bad.  So, how do you overcome shyness?! Well, let me walk you through my story of overcoming it. 

I grew up shy for the biggest part of my life. When I was young, my mother didn’t want me to do many things. She was overprotective, so I didn’t have much going for me.

I understand my mother because she was doing her job. I thought that was normal! That many kids will experience when they are young. So, it was already conditioning in my mind. However, became so frustrating, that I changed my habits.

So, here I will explain my journey when I have been a shy person and how it might help some of you of overcoming it.
However, I want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of being shy before I explain my journey to success.

The advantages of being shy!

I want to discuss that there are advantages to being shy. Many people view shyness as something negative, but it’s a matter of perspective.

First, being shy helps avoid taking risks. To some, taking risks is dangerous. As an example, you see an opportunity but; you realize that there is a risk for pursuing that opportunity.

  • For example, some years ago, a recruiter from the Navy asked me if I wanted to take part in the military. It was a good offer because I can travel and build a life outside of Guam, However, because of my asthma, That’s a disqualification and I didn’t want to take that risk of being away from my family. Plus, I don’t like the military. That’s why I’m a big fan of One Piece.

Second, being a follower is more comfortable, then leading the way. Some shy people avoid the leadership role because they are afraid that they might botch or feel ashamed when things don’t go the right way. Therefore, their comfort zone is trying to follow orders from others.

  • A long time ago, I didn’t enjoy being in the spotlight, so I was the person that took orders from people. Sometimes, that is less hassle too. Especially, when I was not feeling well or emotional during that time. There was a time when I was a leader for a group of exchange students. But, I was going through emotional stress. So, I couldn’t focus, and the program didn’t turn well as I hoped.

The third is avoiding conflict. One of the most obvious of the advantages. Being alert helps people! Who wants to deal with conflict altogether. As human beings, we thrive for a happy life, so why look for conflict.

  • Before my transitional my phase from being shy to confident, I avoided many conflicts that dealt with drama, fights, etc. I also avoided helping people because it scared me to do anything about their situation. However, sometimes I tried to help others but didn’t go my way, which I will explain in my future post. So, being shy helps with avoiding any unnecessary drama.

Fourth, being able to not react to unnecessary gossips, popularity, etc. Some shy people don’t care about being popular because it’s a waste of time. Since many shy people have many things to do in their lives why waste time gossiping and doing meaningless chit-chat.

  • Being shy was great during these times! I remember people would gossip and I would just listen to them for the amusement. And this would happen often in the club I joined. But, mostly, I brush it off and not think of it too much. It was just a waste of time, so I would just do my thing.

Fifth, you focus on your hobbies more. When I didn’t take part in parties during middle school and high school, I took my time to practice martial arts. So, while the kids enjoyed themselves in their own free time, I trained instead! Plus, I could bond with my family.

  • Between 2014 and 2015, I was just a loner. So, I focused on doing my homework. I became more productive in the long run. Plus, I could meditate more.

Sixth, shy people are more approachable. Being shy gives you this non-threatening aura around you. Many people approach me for directions or ask questions. I think it’s that innocence that surrounds a shy person, because of the vulnerability.

  • It goes both ways for me, either intimidating or easily approachable. I posed none threat to anyone, and I had none any intentions to hurt others. And I see that with many shy people! They are very approachable if people just allowed some of us to connect.

Seventh, you become a good listener which allows people to trust you more.  Being shy allows a person to listen more and appreciate the other person‘s viewpoints. “People love talking about themselves” – some stranger.

  • This is a powerful tool! I could build meaningful relationships by just listening. Because people love to express themselves because we are social animals. Interestingly, if you know how to listen, then people will open up and share their stories to you. Even personal ones!

Eighth, you become self-aware. Although I met some shy people lacking in self-awareness, however, there are others who have it.

  • I was lonely, and I didn’t know whom to talk with. The first time I joined the club at college, I didn’t have many friends. Despite many people being there, a few tried to speak with me besides a few people. I was in my little world, which helped me internalize more. I became more in tune with myself it helped me realize the person I am.
  • Ninthenjoying your alone time. HonestlyI love being alone! I can have time to process. Its about treating and showing care for yourself. I know it sounds strange, but it feels amazing just allowing yourself to be your own person.

Ninth, enjoying your alone time. Honestly, I love being alone! I can have time to process. It’s about treating and showing care for yourself.  Just be yourself, it feels amazing!

  • I enjoy spending time with people, but nothing beats a good relationship with yourself. Being shy made me appreciate life. I love being alone and it helps me visualize about my dreams. I love to dream! Being away from people made me happy too. Therefore, being shy helped me become independent in my right. Plus, it helps with meditation because distractions are not always pleasant.

Finally, you appreciate your relationships! Shy people struggle to find friends that could accept us truly. So, when we meet people, we always cherish what we have and not toss each other like garbage. Because in today’s era, where social media is prominent, friendships end up being like toys. What happens if you tire of your old toy? You throw it away. Shy people don’t ride like that. Relationships are important to us!

    • I cherish what I have with people, especially today. I became more appreciative with my family, friends, etc. I even appreciate my pets. It’s okay for me to go to parties from time to time, but it’s always better if I spend my energy with the people who care for me. Sometimes, you might get invited to a party, but you might feel out-of-place or see people who might drain the life out of you. That is self-respect!

Disadvantages of being shy!

This is where people agree that being shy is a disadvantage. That’s how the world sees it. But what can we do? Well, focus on you! So here are the disadvantages.

First, opportunities pass us by. For many shy people, this happens. Sometimes, we miss out on opportunities or chances because we didn’t take enough risks.

  • I missed out on some opportunities because of my shyness. In high school, I wanted to ask a girl out to prom, but I didn’t have the courage to even ask her. I was just in my head thinking scenarios with no real action.
  • How I did I get over this? I speak whatever thought comes into mind. If you want to say “Wow the room stinks….” then say it! Anything that pops into mind. However, starting is the challenge, because of fear.
  • There is always a line to not cross, so be careful too. But other than that it’s okay. It might take practice at first, but you will get used to it. You are expressing your feelings and the only risk involve are people’s opinions, which shouldn’t bother you.

Second, not as many friends (I guess). This is common for some people. You end up meeting fewer people, therefore miss out on potential friends that could change your life.

  • This is obvious for me because I was always the loner of every group I was part of. Therefore, I didn’t make many friends during my years. I didn’t have much courage to speak too.
  • How I overcame was simple! Wherever I see a person passing by, I would look at them in the eye and smile back at them. If they smile or say Hi great, then you can talk to them. If not, then it’s okay you move on. By doing this, it helps ease any tension, which helps close the gap between whoever I greet. I made friends by just doing this haha. You can take it a step forward by saying hi to them as they pass by. I have made my own trademarks that work for me.

Third, SOMETIMES shy people cannot stand their ground and expression. Although there comes a time when we have to stand up for what we believe in. However, being shy hinders that ability to do so.

  • This is true when trying to express how you feel. I felt frustrated when I am trying to express my opinion, but can’t because I was too shy.
  • How did I overcome this? I believe it was 2014; I debated about frictional stuff like Goku vs. Superman. Sometimes, I would debate about Mayweather vs Pacquiao haha. So I created an account in one of the forum sites because I was a little pissed off with some people. At first, I was nervous, but as I kept debating with some opposing fans, it became easier as I kept going back and forth with them. So, I feel it’s a good first step and If you are feeling comfortable enough, then you can express yourself with other people face to face. You can start small and build yourself up.

Fourth, being a lapdog. There were times I was in this place when I was young. People can take advantage of their shyness. People believe that shy people will not retaliate, therefore, they will use them. It happens for some, especially those that might not have developed a strong-minded attitude.

  • How I overcame this? Just say, “No.” That’s it! By saying ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do. Before I kept saying to everything even though I didn’t want to do things they were telling me. So, I  expressed myself.
  • So if someone tells you to do something and you don’t want to do it, just say NO. Simple! You gain more self-respect for yourself and gain respect from others. You are expressing your truth.

Fifth, not being as popular. Shy people might not get as popular because many are always under the radar. Many favored being in the spotlight.

  • Seventh grade was the first time I heard about the concept of popularity because people were watching stuff like MTV, reality shows, etc. Kids wanted to imitate stuff they see on TV. I was never popular because I couldn’t relate to them. Some people thought I was weird because I watched anime, dramas, played Yugioh and watched/did martial arts.
  • So how did I overcome this? Well, I got the taste of being popular, during my time in the club. When I got popular, I wanted more of it. However, it was a short-lived pleasure because I didn’t feel enough within myself. Many people just kept coming and going! So, every time the session ended, I would feel sad and impatient. However, in early 2017, I got over it. It was when I gained self-love for myself.

Sixth is lacking in confidence. This one is obvious! You can’t have one or the other. Going from shy to feeling confident (Still improving haha) with myself, it was hard work. It wasn’t just hand down on a silver platter.

  • This is obvious to me. Or else I wouldn’t say I was shy in the first.
  • How I did I overcome this? Rejections and taking risks was a reason. Sometimes, we have to allow our hearts to hurt to realize what we deserve. I started not caring what people think about me. It was a long journey, and it was not a handed down. Love yourself and speak your truth! I recommend doing deep breathing before any events and if you are feeling nervous, then go to the bathroom and do deep breathing exercises.

Seventh, over thinking about what people will do or say. This is true on some degrees. Because shy people are in their own world, which plays events in their heads whether it is from the past, present, or future. There are always what ifs, should have, could have, etc.

  • Being the shy person led me to over think many scenarios in my head that sometimes were not real. Or were they? Joke haha. Anyway, I didn’t talk to many people, and I was basically alone every time. So, many times I would fantasize strange thoughts and it led to insecurities.
  • How I did I deal with this? Deep breathing and meditation. When I do deep breathing, I let go of any tension in my body and focus on release any negative thoughts that don’t serve me. I focus on replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I do this for at least 5 minutes and sometimes I went 10 minutes or more. Also, listen to your body. If you have tension on a specific part of your body, then something is bothering you internally.

Eighth, shy people might not take inspired action. It’s not because of laziness, but in trying to find the courage to take action. It’s more about fear and when you have a fear, you freeze. And this goes back to overthinking things, which will lead to not taking forward action.

  • Being shy hurt my self-esteem at all. So, I felt discouraged to do much in my life. I didn’t even know what I wanted in my life, and I was lazy. Motivation was not there for me.
  • How did I overcome this? When joined the club and spending time with the exchange students, I understood what I want in my life. When I understood what I wanted, I looked for things to learn about the goal I want to do. For me, I wanted to carry out something in my day, even if it’s small and isn’t being afraid to go for it. And if you don’t have a goal yet, then focus on your hobby. So, that’s what I did.

Problems for being shy for me

I was a shy person throughout my life. In elementary, I was that big, quiet kid that tried to fit in with the other children. I think my shyness developed when people called me names like a pig, fat, slow, etc. Plus, I got bullied many times, but I never told my family, which is not the best idea. It’s better to find people whom you trust when you are going through tough times, especially if you can’t cope with a bad situation by yourself and just talk to them.

I remember I got into fights back when I was 9 years old because they knew I was too timid to do anything about it. However, the good thing about getting beat up (which is still unpleasant), my father finally thought me how to fight.

In middle school, I was less shy here, but I was a little quiet. I think it’s because I knew how to fight and I knew that I could hold my own with anyone in middle school haha. Anyway, it was still a little difficult to hold a conversation, but I had fun with the friends I had. I still didn’t get invited to any parties that some kids were having, but it didn’t mind me. There was trouble making kids that wanted to pick a fight with me because I was shy and timid, but glad it diffused right away. Overall, middle school was good.

In high school, I was literally the last person that people thought about. No joke! I asked one of my friends and told me and he said some people don’t care about you. That was painful to hear! I remember, there was a party with a girl from the rugby team. I thought the would invite me because I spoke with this girl many times, but I wasn’t. The great thing about it, I trained and sparred with my father that night during the birthday party.

In college, I was shy and insecure in my early years as well. For every class in the first few years, I was silent like a slug. I didn’t interact at all. It’s like I didn’t care about life. Although I did make friends in those first years. But, it wasn’t that deep. I never tried to do much of anything besides school, martial arts, going home and doing homework. Plus, I was struggling with deciding on which major I should choose.

That was my life in college in the first few years. But one day in 2014, I went to an event in the field house of my university because one of my friends gave me a flier and told me to visit the field house. It was a gathering of many clubs. Plus, I haven’t joined a club yet, so I wanted to check it out. I was looking for my friend, and I saw her promoting her club, but she was too busy to talk. So, I turned the other way because I was too shy to interact with her and disturb. The moment I turned, I saw a club that was interesting, but weird too. They were wearing Korean traditional clothes and other accessories. I walked up to their stand and signed my name on the sheet they had. And that was the beginning of a major change.

Did I just sign up for a club?!

Well, there you go! I finally did something worthwhile in my college career. There is no turning back now. I signed up for a club called the International Friendship Club (IFC). It’s a club that helped international students study English in Guam. So, the clubs job is to accommodate them and help with their English journey.

Also, my sister signed up in the same club. Anyway, we went to a workshop for the club. I was nervous, and it was hard for me to meet and interact with other people there. The club is about touring international students from other countries. After, the introduction we did activities, which was not comfortable haha. However, the people were good, and we made friends with a few. Quite welcoming and a good first impression for me.

The activities were great, but my shyness held me back tremendously. In this club, you need to become open, outgoing and whatnot. So it was a struggle for me! Even among the club members felt uncomfortable, I was having a hard time. Also, here is another thing, being shy as a male differs from a female who is shy. Sure, the girl might face problems of being shy, but in my experience, it’s different. For a girl, it’s viewed as cute and innocent, while a guy it’s viewed the wrong way, at least in my experience.

What a journey it is!!

Honestly, I thought about quitting the club countless times in 2014 and going in 2015. Plus, I was only experiencing the short-term school that was coming instead of the long-term schools.

* NOTE: Short-term schools are schools from other countries that study abroad for a short time. Long-term schools are schools from other countries that study abroad for about 2 weeks to 1 month. Long terms usually come during Summer and Winter seasons while short terms usually come in during Spring and Fall.*

So, I was struggling already with the students and the club members. However, in early January 2015, I met a really wonderful friend that will turn the tides for me, the first catalyst.

Let’s call her by the name of RA. RA was an exchange student that stayed for 6 months to study in Guam (The place where I live. Sorry I forgot to mention). We met at the club orientation for new members and she was with a friend. They were nice people, and we got close as time went by, especially RA. I remember she wanted to go to the flea market, but I kept refusing because I was insecure and shy to even hang out.

But, we would still see each other in the club, and it was fun. For the first time in the club, I felt at ease and it didn’t feel uncomfortable. RA and I always interacted, and this happened for months. Then, liked her, which was the last thing that could happen. However, I was too late. She already liked someone else. Anyway, I will explain how I felt during these times in my next article about Heartbreak. And I will explain the process of a heartbreak, dealing with it, and the person you can become. When she left,  it hurt me.

It felt so heavy in my heart, and it was hard for me to accept. But once I accepted it that’s when I changed unconsciously. Like there was a switch in my mind and it clicked. I was still very insecure and shy, but it was a big change.

Anyway, after she left in June 2015, there were schools from Korea that will come. I was indifferent.

So, when they arrived, the number of students overwhelmed and their interactions with them. But when am I hanging out with the students, I wasn’t as shy and I didn’t realize it? I was having fun, but my timidness was still there. And this happened in every school that came in for the next 3 years. With every school came with every struggle.

Also, one thing that helped me overcome shyness is to embrace that I am shy. For example, I was talking to a group of people during one of the opening ceremonies for the club. I told them, “Hey, I’m a shy person and I am nervous now.” and when I said they laughed and giggle. They got comfortable with me because I wasn’t trying to act what I am not. I wasn’t trying to be the “Man” or be the “Party guy.” I was being myself and I was nervous. Plus, it helped boost my self-esteem.

As I continued to meet new people and interact with them, I become more and more confident. With every international school that came, I learned more about them as people, their culture, and myself. I took every situation as a learning experience. So, I was a different person every season with meeting new schools. Not to mention different situations with the club members, which helped mold me. It was great because there was a mixture of emotions, such as excitement, sadness, anger, and frustration. It wasn’t boring because it wasn’t predictable.

I want to share a tool that can help anyone that is feeling nervous, feel more relax and a good confidence booster. It’s a technique I use before a social gathering or presentations.

Breathing exercise to release tension and nervousness!!

Sometimes I would reach a heavy plateau in which I never seem to get out of. You will feel nervous in different situations, and you can’t help it. So, I found ways of releasing tension, which makes me feel more energized and more confident. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to a place where you are comfortable and that no one can disturb you.
  2. Next, you stand up comfortably and make sure you have good posture.
  3. Then, you place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Just behind your front teeth.
  4. Inhale for 4 seconds through your nose as deeply as you can.
  5. Hold it for another 4 seconds and then exhale through your mouth.
  6. As you exhale through your mouth, you will tighten your stomach by sucking in your belly. Tighten your buttocks, and you’ll notice your pelvic shifting forward as you exhale.
  7. DO this for at least 5 minutes. Once you finished, you will feel renewed and you can go back to your social gathering.

I do this when I feel low in energy or feeling shy and nervous. Breath is your life force! There are other techniques out there, but this one stuck with me and had success with it. And I use this technique to manage stress and feel grounded. You will know if you feel grounded if your voice gets slightly deeper. I discovered this technique when I was about to present in front of the class because I was so nervous. So, one of my mentors taught me this technique, and I feel good every time I do it.

SO what did I learn from the JOURNEY?

Looking back, I was like “Wow! That was me, huh? Haha.” Because it was a long journey. Every semester was a different me. Well, maybe a more improved version of myself every semester and I always came with new tools. I would refine myself and replace habits that didn’t serve me. I remember, my mentality was “I need to get out of here,” but now it’s more “I will find a way in this situation.”

Throughout my journey of overcoming shyness, it was a fun-filled roller coaster ride. It wasn’t as easy as you might expect. There were many peaks and lows that confused the heck out of me. And sometimes I had a flat line or plateau as you might say. But that is normal throughout the process because if you don’t feel those moments of being on the bottom, then you won’t learn to take action on finding ways of overcoming plateaus. And when you overcome them, you learn more things to deal with them on your own terms. Plus, it feels great to work hard on your own terms with no one holding our hands for us.

You realize as a shy person that through success and failures; you feel good about it. It’s like you cherish every moment as a gift. At first negative situations will stick to you like glue for a while, but once you emotionally let go, you will feel peace, happiness, and you become more confident.

As a shy person, as long as we do the tasks we struggled with, it makes us feel accomplished, even though it was an utter failure. There are no complaints at all. We prove ourselves and it showed how much heart we have. For example, some of us may struggle in public speaking, but there are classes need for you to do it, so you have no choice but to do it. We end up doing it and even though not that good, you can feel that sense of fulfillment and that what makes you happy.

You learn things about yourself more. For example, you find ways and techniques help you to overcome shyness, like the breathing technique that I showed you earlier. When you are struggling, but can’t find the solution to your current situation, you seek it out. And by seeking it out, you discover hidden talents.

You embrace your past, present, and future self. You look at yourself and you give yourself a big hug for doing great things.

Regardless of if you are shy or not, embrace what you are. Always remember that you are always enough. The more you accept it, the more you will feel better with yourself. Believe me!

Thank you, everyone, for reading/listening and I believe you can all get through this.

Leave a comment if you have questions regarding your struggles and I will be happy to help.

How to get lean, sexy and strong legs without weights?

I remember a long time ago, my father asked me to help him push one of our cars because the car has a problem with the alternator. Anyways, I help him out and my father got in the car, so he can use the steering wheel and brakes.

So, it has been just me pushing the car! When I started pushing the vehicle, it was so heavy. I was struggling a bit. I thought the car was not set to neutral, but it was. So I figured, it was probably my legs that were weak.

My arms were good, but legs were hurting and felt I ran 2 miles by just pushing the car. I was a bit put off. I thought I did not need to train as much because I believed I was a naturally strong guy. So that was frustrating!!

The Search!!

So, I researched training my body to get stronger. I tried some weight training, but I injured myself multiple times and it set me back from weeks of training.

I tried plyometrics and it helped my cardio a lot, but it didn’t really make me as strong as I wanted. Plus, I didn’t have enough space to train, so it annoyed me often.

I still kept researching and one day I was watching a Bruce Lee movie back in 2012 or 13. So, I was watching his movie called Way of the Dragon and I liked how his physique looked. I was curious about how Bruce Lee trained and I hoped I might find something that I was looking for.

He did some weight training, which put me off. Because I got injuries from it. However, there was a time when Bruce Lee had a back injury due to a weight training routine, which kept him on the sidelines for a bit. After healing up, it stated that he was using a method called isometrics. I didn’t know what that was, so I did an extensive research.

The Process!!

It turns out, it was a method that really interests me. For me, I didn’t want to look big but still be powerful at the same time. Plus, I don’t have space in my house. But, I still did more research about it, because I didn’t understand the methods yet. As kept researching, I tried the methods for myself. Of course, there were trial and errors, but it was a fun process.

After doing isometrics for a while, I tested my strength in some ways. I was able to bend a bar, which I couldn’t do before. And I was able to finally push one of our cars with ease now.

My legs are stronger than it was before. Anyways, enough of the story, I want to show everyone How to get Sexy and strong leg muscles?

Leg lifts!!

You are all probably familiar with leg lifting from doing some weight training. While I was on my computer, I began to stretch my legs and it felt really good. My quadriceps were feeling good and my mood felt great. So, I experimented with ways to strengthen your legs, while sitting down. So, I will share with all of you, one of the leg exercise that I do. Anyways, here we go!!

Materials you will need:

  • Chair

FIrst angle:

  1. Sit on a chair and make sure you are comfortable.
  2. Your feet will be slightly lifted up, probably about 3 inches off the ground. Make sure, you keep it in that place.
  3. Then, put one of your ankle on the bottom of your other ankle.
  4. Next, the bottom ankle will try to lift the ankle on top, while the ankle on top will resist it. So, your legs will not move as you resist each other. You will feel your quad muscles here.
  5. At the same time, as you slowly build contraction on both legs, begin to inhale through your nose and down to your stomach. After breathing in and you build maximum contraction, exhale as you keep up maximum contraction. Once, you release the air, slowly relax your leg muscles as you inhale to finish the workout.
  6. After that, switch legs and repeat the process.

You will feel your quadriceps working and all the muscle fibers activated. The good thing about it, you don’t have to worry about getting injured. That’s probably the last thing that would happen.

Second angle:

It’s essentially the same process, except that your feet will be 6 inches instead of 3 inches.

Breathing will always be the same. Try your best to breath at your own pace.

Third angle:

Just like the first and second angle. However, your feet will be slightly higher than the previous two angles. SO, instead of 6 inches off the floor, your legs will be straight our for about 9 inches to 12 inches from the ground.

Hamstring workout!

I remember, I kept researching online from YouTube, to articles, to forums on how isometrically train your hamstrings. I felt so stupid because I discovered a simple way to train your back legs. And I will show you in a moment!

But sir! Isn’t training the quads enough!??

It’s good that we got to train our quads. However, that’s not enough! Why? There has to be a balance on your legs. If you train your quads more than the other parts of your legs, then injuries can occur. So now, I will show you how to train the back side of your legs. It’s almost similar to the quadriceps exercise, so it’s easy!

Materials you need:

  • Floor, bed, or anywhere you can comfortably lay on your front side.

First angle:

  1. Start by lying on your stomach and your head will rest on your arms.
  2. Then, lift your legs for about 3 inches off the floor.
  3. Put one of your ankle on the bottom of your other ankle.
  4. Begin, letting the bottom leg resist by pushing up, while your top leg is resisting. Therefore, it is staying in one place and you focused on training the hamstrings.
  5. As your legs start to resist each other, slowly inhale as you build contraction. Once, you build to maximum contraction and you fully inhale, exhale slowly as you keep up that contraction. After releasing the air, slowly relax your muscles and inhale to finish the exercise.
  6. Switch legs and start the process once again to equally engage both legs.

Second angle:

The same as the first angle, but your feet will be 6 or 7 inches off the ground. Repeat the same process!

Third angle:

This one too! Instead of 6 inches from the floor, this will be about 90 degrees

Calf raises!

Probably the most common leg exercises out there. Probably the most used as well, since we use it to do many activities from sports, life, etc. But, would it be nice if we can strengthen our calves to do more?

I would love that! SO here is the calf workouts that will be presented here.

Materials you need:

  • Chair
  • Floor

First angle:

Isometrics calves exercises at peak angle

  1. Sit on a chair and be comfortable! Your feet will be on the floor.
  2. Next, lift your heel off the floor for about 6 inches as you keep the balls of your feet on the floor.
  3. Then, put your hands on top of each knee and push them downwards to resist against your legs.
  4. Begin, by pushing your feet up by building contraction.
  5. At the same time, you are inhaling like the previous exercises. After you inhale, release the air as you maintain maximum contraction! Once, you release the air, slowly relax your muscles and inhale to finish the workout.
  6. Switch legs and do the same process.

Second angle:

Isometrics calves exercises at midpoint angle

It’s the same as the first angle, but your heel will be 3 inches off the floor now.

Third angle:

Isometrics calves exercise

Just like the two angles, but your heels are touching the floor now. Breathing is always the same!

When is a good time exercise your legs?

I would divide each exercise into three days. For example, Day 1 is the first angle, day 2 is the second angle, and day 3 is the third angle. So all exercises, but divide them into their angles.

Then, just repeat the process. If you want, you can train every day or have a rest day in between after the third angle.

Never skip leg day after these exercises!!

Well, there you have it guys! These are the leg exercises that help me build that power to finally push the car in my garage haha.

Anyways, these exercises can tremendously increase your overall strength, while maintaining lean muscles. And I’m not exaggerating! Besides, I’m not a fan of tree trunk legs anyways. So, these exercises are what I prefer. I hope it helps with your personal growth.

Please leave a comment on what you all think and if you have questions, we will do the best of our abilities to help you all!

Thank you!

Earbuds and Headphones good for workouts – Very comfortable and easy to use!

I remember passing by in my family’s condo and I saw a gym that is available there. I checked it out and when I walked in, I heard a loud burst of music engulfing the room.

I signed in to try out some training in there. It was fine in the beginning, but the music that was playing loud was not my cup of tea. I told myself that I wish I have my music with me and a pair of earbuds, so I can listen to my music. That way, I can focus more and not really get a headache.

Anyways, here are earbuds that I can help recommend and help any of you who wants to buy for their own. I want people to enjoy using earbuds even while they workout or other activities. But how can a person comfortably use them if they keep falling off?

Earhoox Trio (3 sets) by Earhoox

earhoox's earbubs

Image courtesy of Earhoox

When I saw these earbuds, I was really happy. Finally!!! An Earbud that will stay in my ears, regardless of the activities I do! Because you typical Earbud does not have hooks to hold them in place, so it always falls every time I do anything. But with this, I can enjoy my time and listen to music or ebooks without constantly adjusting my earbuds in my ears.

The features for Earhoox’s earbuds that it’s compatible with Apple EarPods and AirPods. Plus, each pair is different colors from white, blue, and black.

The price is pretty good. I mean, it is not that expensive and not that cheap. It’s a reasonable price and it received a 17 percent discount from the original price.

    • Product: Earhoox Trio (3 sets)
    • Price: $24.99
    • Place to Buy: Earhoox
    • Features:
      • Hooks so it won’t slip and fall as well as for more comfortable use.
      • Has three Colors per set:
        • Set of colors:

Bluetooth Headphones from Otium

Bluetooth headphones

TO BE honest, this is my first time seeing a wireless earbud that also features Bluetooth. I always thought that earbuds were all the same. For example, earbuds for me were always cheap or the larger headphone’s inferior cousin. That it was only used because of its limitation. However, it is another variation and preference.

It’s not your typical earbuds too. It does not just slip and fall off. This one has a hook too, that prevents from slipping and falling, which is a relief for many people.

Plus, it has free shipping and other awesome catch to this product. Check it out!

    • Product: Bluetooth Headphones
    • Price: $19.97
    • The place to Buy: Amazon
    • Features:
      • Otium Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7
      • Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof in Ear Earbuds for Gym Running Workout
      • 8 Hour Battery
      • Noise Cancelling Headsets

Tzumi Bluetooth Stereo Foldable Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

Tzumi wireless headphones

I have this headphone by Tzumi and it’s very comfortable. I bought these because I’m tired of earbuds, which kept falling off my ears every time I use them. SO, I had to look for an alternative.

It was my first time hearing about Tzumi. When I researched them, they have good amount products like chargers, audios, cases, etc. Anyways, I bought their Headphones and I must say it’s pretty good.

  • Product: Tzumi Bluetooth Stereo Foldable Rechargeable Wireless Headphones
  • Price: $37.98
  • Place to buy: Amazon
  • Features:
    • Built-in High Definition Microphone and Remote Music Control.
    • Foldable for space efficiency
    • Quick rechargeable battery
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Powerful audiophile tuned bass for a more crisp sound 

However, I have one issue. These headphones also come with a cord for those that prefer headphones with a cord. The issue is that every time I connect the cord with my other phones, it makes these annoying clicking sounds. It’s not painful, but it’s very annoying.

Overall, I love it! I recommend them. I would it 8.9 out of 10.

Bluetooth Headphones, Small Target Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7 

Another one of these Bluetooth earbuds. But, thanks to the hooks, it just made life easier. Usually, if it’s earbuds, I wouldn’t buy them because it slips, but in this case, I highly recommend it.

  • Product: Bluetooth Headphones, Small Target Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7
  • Price: $14.99
  • Place to buy: Amazon
  • Features:
    • Premium HD Audio Performance w/ wireless sports Bluetooth
    • Comfort & secure fit design w/ waterproof rating and silicon hooks rest comfortably on the ears.
    • Good for sport and sweat proof
    • Long lasting battery up to 9 hours
    • Compatible with devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

Earbuds and Headphones! I love it!

So far, these are the headphones and earbuds that I can recommend with a good reasonable price. They are very comfortable to wear and overall easy to use. It is not your typical earbuds that just fall off your ears, while you listen to music. That could be very annoying. But, with these earbuds and headphones, you would not really have many problems. Perhaps, the only downside is probably if it’s not wireless. But, other than that, the sounds are good and the features are good too.

Please leave your comments or questions and I would be happy to help you all!

Thank you! Let the inner strength guide you

Crop Top Reviews – Make your day flow and comfortable!

It is very hot right now at the place I am living. Tight shirts are not ideal for a weather that will make you sweat like a waterfall. For me, it would be nice to feel the breeze instead of just the glaring heat. So, I complied Crop Top shirts that can help people feel comfortable during a hot season and decide which can help them for themselves.

Pineapple Logo Crop Top – Heather Navy & Triblend Maroon from Love Fitness Apparel

croptop by love fitess apparel navy

croptop by love fitess apparel maroon

Photos by Love Fitness Apparel

To tell you all the truth, I was not quite familiar with crop top shirts or even was not aware of how it looks like. However, when I saw the Pineapple crop top shirts, I had an ah-ha moment haha. I thought to myself, “WOW! Crop top looks quite attracting and cute!” I realize, there are many women that are wearing them and it sort of amplifies their aura a bit more, in my opinion. Plus, I love the colors because it makes a person seem confident looking, in my opinion. It makes a person look more in-depth. However, some people might not be comfortable to wear short shirts because it can reveal too much skin. So, these kinds of shirt might not be your cup of tea.

So, I decided to showcase my opinions of various Crop top shirts that I thought looked cute haha. Although, I am not sure if I have seen guys wear crop tops. Maybe I have, but I probably did not notice.

In my opinion, I feel it can be used for workouts as well. Considering the fact that it helps cool down the body at extreme heats. So, I feel it is practical, in my opinion.

I love the pineapple logo on the shirts. It has that island feel to it and summer feel too. Therefore, making it feel more relaxed.

    • Product: Pineapple Logo Crop Top – Heather Navy & Triblend Maroon
    • Price: $24.00
    • Place to Buy: Love Fitness Apparel (Blue) & Here (Maroon)
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Sizes:

Image by Love Fitness Apparel

Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top from Love Fitness Apparel

croptop by love fitess apparel tropical palm trees

croptop by love fitess apparel tropical palm trees black

Images by Love Fitness Apparel

Honestly, I like this kind of crop top shirts! Why? If I were a woman, then I would like most of my shirts quite similar to Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top. Because it is loose and flows! Despite, being a bit loose, it still helps retains a person’s attractive. In fact, I feel people who wear these kinds of shirts glows. Not to mention, it is not as short as some crop tops. SOME females’ are not into short shirts and who are not interested in revealing too much skin, so the Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top might be your cup of tea.

The colors are contrasting from one another, like a yin and yang The Mauve colored shirt, looks relaxing! It feels like you can just walk with your honey or whoever, down the beach and drink some milk shakes along with it. It feels lighthearted and outgoing in a way. It’s more open, in my opinion! The black shirt, in my opinion, adds mystery to it. It’s very sexy and it looks appealing as well. However, dark color on a hot summer day can be a bothersome, but hey, it looks and feels good either way. I love the contrast of colors that can help magnifies and amplifies their attractiveness in their respective colors.

    • Product: Tropical Palm Trees Crop Top
    • Price: $23.00
    • Place to Buy: Love Fitness Apparel (Mauve) & Here (Black)
    • Gender: Female
    • Sizes:

Image by Love Fitness Apparel

Crop Tops Feel Good!

Based on my observation of these shirts, I would say I like their appeal. In my opinion, it has that attractive nature to it because it is not too revealing and it feels confident. The nature of a crop top to me is relaxing and it does amplify a person’s aura more. For me, I am not really into tight shirts, despite me wearing some haha.

However, even though it feels loose, sometimes some crop tops can be a bit short for some people’s cup of tea. So, if you don’t want to reveal much of some of your skin, then some crop tops might not be for you. But, if you are the type of person that wears loose shirts and a little skin, then crop tops is your style.

Anyways, this is my review for these wonderful crop top shirts! If you have any question, just drop a comment and I will be with you shortly!

Thank you

Supplements for Performance, Weight Loss, and Fat Burner Review

You all probably know that I prefer functionality over aesthetics. But aesthetics does have place in the exercise and fitness realm! SO I was thinking about foods and supplements that can create both performance and looks. There are people that want both. So here are products that I will review that can help you with your daily lives. The price seems reasonable for the benefits that it creates.

Gaspari Nutrition NOVA-X 60 TABS

Photo​ by mysupplementstoreCapitol Nutrition

  • Product: Gaspari Nutrition NOVA-X 60 TABS
  • Price: $49.99
  • Place to Buy: My Supplement Store
  • Size of Containers: 60 Tablets (Enteric coated capsules)
  • Dosage:
    • Morning on empty stomach (1 capsule)
    • After 8 hours (1 capsule)

Now, I am a big advocate of artificial means to boosting health performance. But the good thing about Gaspari Nutrition NOVA-X is that it is a natural testosterone booster. This supplement helps increase your HGH and helps control estrogen levels. This yields an astonishing benefits to the body:

  • It helps burn fat off your system
  • Your testosterone levels increases through the roof
  • It controls your estrogen levels
  • You end up building lean muscles
  • HGH levels increases as well

The downside of Gaspari Nutrition NOVA-X is that it can only be taken by people who are:

  • 18 years of age and above
  • Women who are pregnant are not allowed to take this product

Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Hydroxyelite 90 CAPS

Photo​ by mysupplementstoreCapitol Nutrition

  • Product: Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Hydroxyelite 90 CAPS
  • Price: $34.95
  • Place to Buy: My Supplement Store
  • Size of Container: 90 Capsules
  • Dosage:
    • Morning (1 to 2 capsules)
    • Afternoon (1 capsule)

Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Hydroxyelite is a fat loss aid supplement that, which has DMHA or Octodrine. And DMHA is responsible for increasing focus, energy, and endurance levels that helps performance in the gym, outside, or every day life, especially weight loss. The customer reviews are positive because they gained amazing benefits, due to the ingredients from caffeine, DMHA, and garcinia Cambogia extract. The benefits that Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals Hydroxyelite yields are:

  • Endurance just goes off the roof
  • It leads to no crash
  • It suppresses appetite
  • Laser sharp focus
  • Increases the pace of weight loss
  • Helps improve mood
  • Both Men and Women can consume it

That being said, there are warnings to consider, such as:

  • Should not exceed 4 capsules per day
  • Those that will be pregnant or pregnant can not consume this
  • At least 18 years old to consume

Redcon 1 Ultimate Fat Burning Stack

Photo​ by mysupplementstoreCapitol Nutrition

The great thing about Redcon 1 Ultimate Fat Burning Stack is that it helps burn unwanted fats from multiple angles. Unlike other products that deals with one area of the body, this one covers other planes.

  • Product: Redcon 1 Ultimate Fat Burning Stack
  • Price: $109.99
  • Place to Buy: My Supplement Store
  • Size of Containers, functions, and dosage:
    • Redcon 1 Double Tap 90 Capsules benefits (dosage 3 capsules a day):
        • Your energy for the whole is covered, due to an increase
        • Your moods get better
        • Fat burning becomes a factor as well
        • Your appetite reduces and sugar cravings decreases
        • Your focus is sharp
        • Plus, it’s great for both men and women
    • Redcon 1 Silencer 120 Capsules benefits (dosage 2 capsules a day):
      • Helps with fat burn
      • This helps suppress appetite and sugar craves
      • Helps with water loss
      • Both can be used by men and women
      • It is a non stimulant formula
    • Mental Trigger 60 Capsules benefits (recommend to take 3 capsule 15 to 20 minutes before you try to focus)
      • Laser sharp focus, alertness,and attention span
      • Aids with overall energy

The downside of this product is that it seems you have to consume a certain amount to produce its full potential. It’s quite a hassle if you think about it. Plus, it could be dangerous if a person is not aware of the amount they took, which can lead to overdose. So, be careful and be aware when taking this supplement.

To conclude!

I would say I do recommend these products based on the benefits, but it is not for everyone! Plus, it is quite a to have a set rule of when to take the capsules. That is why it is best to consult your doctor first before trying these out. With that said, I recommend people to buy these products because it yields more benefits, than the cons. It is worth the price because I did try products quite similar to these and it helped me quite a bit. I also highly recommend people to eat natural produce as well!

Please leave comments if you have any questions!

Thank you! Let your inner strength guide you to your truth!

Centrum Adult Daily Multivitamins Review – Fill your day with Energy!!

Image by Centrum / Amazon

  • Product: Centrum Adult Daily Multivitamins, 130 Count
  • Price: $16.99
  • Place to Buy: Amazon
  • Size of Containers: 2 Bottles – Large with 100 tablets & Small with 30 tablets
  • My Personal Rating: 9.6 out of 10

My Product Overview

I started taking Centrum because these past few months I have been suffering from a major flat line. This flat line hit me all of a sudden and it was not expected. I was feeling depressed, apathetic, and unmotivated to get things done. I thought the flat line would go away for a few days, but it was not going away. I was frustrated!! So, one of my loved ones recommended me to take Centrum and see if it would help me a little.

After taking Centrum, I started to feel the benefits immediately! And the benefits are something that I will share with you all and how I thought about the contents. Remember, this is based on my experience and my opinion of the benefits that I felt.

Heightened Energy

Before taking this supplement in the last few months, I would feel apathetic, almost like a moving dummy with not much emotion. But when I started taking Centrum, I felt an overflow of energy that was surging in me. It was almost as if there was electricity going up and down my body. It really felt good because it was a sensation that I started to miss after a while.

I felt like a roaring lion, due to this new profound energy. My eyes would light up and I felt jumpy for a bit. I felt like I can go for hours or days with any physical hardships and still dominate my day.

Increased focus and motivation

Before taking Centrum, I did not always feel motivated or was in a mood to do anything at all. I just wanted to sleep for another 5 minutes and let the day goes by. However, when I started taking Centrum, I felt more motivated to work harder for myself and just focus on how to improve more. I felt I needed to be productive and complete a task or else I would be worrisome if I did not.

Also, my focus was sharper, than it was prior to taking the supplements. Before I would feel distracted every time I try to do a task. So, I had a hard time keeping my concentration. But after taking Centrum, it became a lot easier to focus on the tasks necessary to accomplish.

Digestive and immune system became more sound

For some reason, when I began to take Centrum, I began to feel like my stomach is being massaged by delicate hands. It sounds strange, but this is what I have experienced. It felt like a circulation in my stomach. This is probably because I just began taking the supplements, so my body reacted in a positive way. However, I felt slightly hungrier than usual and this is probably, due to the richness of the b-vitamins in the supplements that help metabolism.

It’s strange, I thought I would feel sluggish when I would hungry more often. But it made me crave for action to take for myself. For example, instead of waiting for someone to cook due to me being lazy, I would take the initiative to cook for myself.

Plus, my internal organs and immune system felt stronger. However, it did take some time kick in, due to the content being able to digest.

The contents of Centrum Adults Daily!

Centrum comes in with two bottles, one bigger bottle with 100 tablets and one small bottle that contains 30 tablets, which is a total of 130 tablets as stated on the box. The tablets are about a half inch long and the color is beige colored that tastes bitter.

The nutritional facts that are contained in Centrum are from Vitamins A to Zinc. Many people lack the sufficient minerals needed for the body. Centrum covers all those aspects that are needed for the body operate at a high level.

Of course, nothing beats eating natural fruits and vegetables in terms of raw nutrition. Centrum serves as an alternative, but not a be all and end all for everything.


Taking Centrum for adults daily is worth trying it out. Of course, consult your doctor first. Anyways, with all that benefits that has been presented, it sure gave me a worthwhile experience. I felt more energized to do many things in my own day. I didn’t make me feel apathetic, so it felt like a boot in power in my opinion.

I would rate this product a whopping 9.6 out of 10 because I felt more motivated, than I ever was prior to taking it. I felt more empowered throughout my day. Usually, I do not phrase supplements this much, but Centrum is an exception. They are good, so I highly recommend this product to whoever needs that extra boost in anyone’s daily life. Although, I still highly recommend eating natural produces, like fruits and vegetables. Nothing beats mother nature’s raw nutrition!

Please, leave comment if you have any questions!

Thank you all!

Thank you

How to get a jaw dropping and effective Back with Isometrics in 3 days?

Having a good back muscle is like the beams and of a building. Without them, the building will just fall apart.

Same with the back muscles because it reinforces a person’s posture by helping support the vertebrae.

Like the neck muscles, there are many benefits of having good posture. I mean not only you will look good in front of people, but it can boost confidence and mood! Yet, in our everyday working lives, we tend to slouch a lot with work and when we use the smartphone.

Many people have weak backs because it is constantly overlooked and underestimated. They think “Oh, that’s okay, that’s not important! Look at me, I look like a bada** Gorilla!”

Especially, it does not look great when a person slouches. They just look like a prehistoric human being with no awareness of the damage that is being done every day by just slouching and looking like a fool. And there are people that are lazy and think that it cannot be reversed.

But not to worry, there is a solution and it is painless, timeless, and priceless! It is called Isometrics Back exercises!

Isometrics back exercises can help strengthen your back muscles and it can correct a bad posture to a SEXY jaw dropping individual. This can used for people who already have good to boost that attractive nature.

So how to get a jaw dropping and effective back with Isometrics? It’s very simple and clean, to the point that you can just do it behind a desk.

So here are the exercises.

Bend over rows for the latissimus dorsi: Sitting

Now let us begin with the exercise! The exercise is simple and effective. I personally have gotten stronger and my posture has improved, thanks to this exercise alone.

The first angle:

  1. Let us begin by sitting down on a chair with an erect posture. Lift your leg about 10 inches from the floor. Then, begin to clasp your hands around your left knee, therefore your fingers are interlocking each other. Make sure your arms are straight out and that you are focusing on your left side of your latissimus dorsi.
  2. Start by pulling your arms back as hard as you can, while your left leg is resisting against your arms.
  3. As you build contraction at the same time, you inhale through your nose for about 3 to 4 seconds or until you fill up your stomach with air. After filling yourself with air and you built maximum contraction, maintain that contraction as you slowly exhale through your mouth for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  4. Once you release all the air, inhale once again for about 3 to 4 seconds and at the same time slowly releasing the contraction. Release the air and you are finished with the exercise. At least for the left side.
  5. Do the same with your right side with the same procedures.

Second angle (Midpoint):

  • Similar to the first angle, however, instead of lifting your leg about 10 inches, it will be ABOUT 14 inches off the floor. Your knee will be slightly closer to your chest for about 11 inches.
  • Your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle, instead of being straight out.
  • The breathing process is the same.

Third angle:

  • Just like the first and second angle, but instead of about 14 inches off the floor, your leg will be slightly higher. Your knee will be nearly touching your chest.
  • Your arms are bent even further ABOUT 45 degrees.
  • Breathe properly and enjoy the process.

The back squeeze

There are three angles for this exercise as well. When I did this exercise, it felt so good. My posture improved drastically and you can really feel your back muscles working all at once. I felt stronger as well.

First angle:

  1. Stand erect with your chest out and your head back. Your feet can be shoulder width to help with balance, just in case you end up falling like a tree.
  2. Then, grab your hands from behind and your elbows are straight out. Begin by clasping or grabbing your hands in any way you want. Once you have finished doing that, your chest will be sticking out. Your hands will be touching your butt as you are doing this angle. Start squeezing your back together and it feels like your shoulder blades are touching each other.
  3. Now, breathing is very important and I can not stress that enough. Like the previous exercise, as you contract your back muscles you inhale for about 3 to 4 seconds. When you inhale fully into your stomach, exhale for about 10 to 12 seconds, while maintaining maximum contraction.
  4. Once you exhale, inhale again as you slowly relax your muscles. Then, you exhale to complete this training.

Second angle (Midpoint):

  • Instead of touching your butt, it will be further away. Maybe about 4 to 6 inches from your butt. Basically, it will be midpoint between the first and the third angle. So, it depends on how further the third angle will be, which we will get to after this.
  • Once you figure that out, the breathing process is always the same and you just basically squeeze the back. Put intention into it.

Third angle:

    • The third angle is just how further you can go. For example, in the midpoint angle it was 4 to 6 inches from your butt, but this time it’s maybe about 8 to 12 inches.

Bend overs rows two for latissimus dorsi: Standing

It looks similar to the sitting version, but this is standing version, so it will be more of a challenge for your balance.

First angle:

  1. First is you stand up and put your right foot forward. Then, bend your right leg from 45 to 90 degree angle and bend your waist, so you can reach your leg. Keep your back straight.
  2. Now grab underneath your legs with both of your hands as you interlock both hands, while keeping your leg on the floor.
  3. To contract your muscles, begin by pulling your arms back like the sitting version, while you are trying to straighten your body with the resistance against your right leg.
  4. Slowly build tension as you inhale through your nose for about 3 to 4 seconds. Once you inhale, maintain that maximum contraction as you exhale through your mouth for about 10 to 12 seconds. After you release the air, slowly relax your muscles as you inhale again for about 3 to 4 seconds through your nose. Then exhale to finish the exercise.
  5. Repeat this process for the other leg as well.

Second angle (Midpoint):

  • For this angle, you just have to lift up your right leg 6 to 8 inches off the ground. Then, your back is straight and slightly bend your waist. Grab underneath the bottom of your right leg and you interlock your hands together.
  • The breathing process is the same as like every exercise introduced in the Isometrics series.
  • Repeat the process for the other leg as well.

Third angle:

    • Your right leg will be about 12 to 16 inches from the ground or until you reach a certain point where you can’t lift your leg up any further.
    • The breathing process is the same.


That’s basically the back exercises that I do with the classic isometric contraction. The good thing about this exercise is that it helped correct my posture and it strengthens my pull up repetitions.

I remember a few months back, I could barely do 2 complete pull ups. But now, I increased that number into 6 reps total.

So if anyone does this exercise, I guarantee it will help tremendously in increasing your pull ups and posture. Therefore, increasing your positive vibes with yourself and others.

There you have it! Isometrics back exercises!

Please leave comment or questions if have any and we will provide our services!

Thank you! Let you inner strength be your guide!






How to get the most Attracting and Godlike CHEST for Men and Women using Isometrics in just 3 Days

I have to admit, a beautiful chest is like icing on the cake. It just makes a person look so damn SEXY regardless of gender!

For women, the chest is important for them due the life they give out for the next generation and their presence. For men, it defines the presence of their dominance.

We even see gorillas puff their chest out and challenge the other gorillas of who is the alpha male of the territory. We even see paintings or statues of rulers and Gods that puff their chest out to show their supremacy among average people.

The chest can be a measuring stick of one’s confidence and aura that emanates.

That being said, in order to feel the power and the presence with just the chest, we need to build the foundation by training them. And the way we train them is using isometric exercises!

So how do we get the most attracting and godlike chest for men and women using isometrics alone?!

First of all, how does isometric exercises function?

Isometrics is intense and an exciting strength training!

Because it focuses on the mind and body connection, rather than being on autopilot by just going through the movements.

For example, some people just do a certain amount of reps and go through them just for the heck of it.

While performing isometrics, it forces a person to engage their nervous system by contracting their muscles by the use of concentration. So when that happens, you engage all your muscle fibers and bringing out their full potential.

Not to mention, it is the safest and most effective strength and muscle building protocol there is known to man. You do not suffer from unwanted injuries caused by weight training. And when you are doing isometric exercises, you will feel every muscle fiber being activated and the feeling of blood rushing in you. That feels GOOD and it energizes you!

As a result, from doing isometrics consistently, you can become toned, ripped/chiseled, and sexy(both gender). The good thing about it, you will NOT look like a bodybuilder all juiced up by any means, but it will give you extraordinary strength that is functional!

Plus, it’s fast and fun!

Now, imagine if we use isometric exercises to work out the chest. That would certainly give a person leaps and bounds strength and presence on a whole new level. Especially, the feeling of the “pump” and rush in your body.

Now, let’s move on to the exercises!

Upper Chest level!

The FIRST angle!

  1. First, you lift your arms in front and make sure your elbows are straight out. Next, clasp your hands together and your hands will be at forehead level.
  2. Begin by squeezing your chest together as if you are crushing an imaginary ball in between your hands. As you build contraction through your chest muscles, inhale through your stomach for about 3 to 4 seconds.
  3. After fully inhaling, slowly release the air for about 10 to 12, while maintaining maximum contraction.
  4. Once you release all the air, begin to inhale again for about 3 to 4 seconds, while you are slowly relaxing your chest muscles. Then, exhale once again to complete the exercise.

The SECOND angle!

  • Quite similar to the first angle. The difference is that instead of your arms being straight out in front, your elbows will be bent at a 90 degree angle and your forearms will be straight horizontally in front of your face.

The THIRD angle!

  • Just like the first and second angle! However, the difference is that your elbows will be bent at a 45 degree angle and your hands are nearly if not touching your forehead.
  • That being said, focus on your breathing as well and when to contract your muscles at the proper time.

Mid Chest level!

FIRST angle!

  1. Lift your arms at chin level and your elbows are straight out. Next, clasp your hands together and begin to squeeze like there is an invisible ball in your hands.
  2. As you contract your muscles, inhale through your stomach for about 3 to 4 seconds. After you fully inhale, maintain maximum contraction as you exhale for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  3. Once you release the air, inhale again for about 3 to 4 seconds as you relax your muscles. Then, exhale to complete the exercise.

SECOND angle!

  • Just like the first angle, where your hands are at chin level.
  • However, the difference is that your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. Begin the isometrics chest exercise process!

THIRD angle!

  • Quite similar to the first and second angles, but the difference is that your elbows are bent at a 45 degree angle. Your hands are already near your chin, almost touching them. The process of the chest exercise is still the same!

Lower Chest level!

First angle!!

  1. Begin by lifting your arms forward and your elbows are straight out. Your hands will be in front of your solar plexus. Then, clasping your hands together and grip firmly!
  2. Start contracting your muscles as hard as you can and breathe in for about 3 to 4 seconds.
  3. After you inhale through your stomach, maintain maximum contract as you exhale for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  4. Once you release all the air, begin to inhale again for about 3 to 4 seconds and at the same time slowly relax your muscles.
  5. After you inhale, exhale once again as you always did to complete the workout!

Second angle!!

  • Just like the first angle, however the difference is that your elbows will be bent at a 90 degree angle! It is simple!
  • Now, just make sure your breathing is on point and be aware when to contract your muscles as well.

Third angle!!

    • Follow the procedure in the first and second angle and you will do fine with this angle. So, your hands will be close to your solar plexus and your elbows will be at 45 degree angle!
    • Make sure, you are breathing properly because sometimes people forget this part of the exercise.

How many times a week should your perform this exercise?!

Ideally for me, I would each angle with each exercise per day.

For example:

  • On day 1, I would perform upper chest, mid chest, and lower chest levels on that day. However, the angle will be the first angle, the one where your elbows are straight out.
  • On day 2, I would do all the levels, but the angles will be at 90 degree angle.
  • On day 3, will be the same thing and the angles will be at a 45 degree angle.
  • Then, in the day 4 can be a rest day and begin the whole cycle again after day 4. But, you can also try to perform the exercises every day.

The exercises can be performed once a day.

Plus, you will not suffer any injuries and that’s what makes isometrics special.

Unlike, traditional weight training, where your muscles experience micro tears and over taxing on the joints. Isometrics does not make you suffer from micro tears and it does not overtax the joints.


You were able to perform the isometric chest exercises on different levels and angles. You soon figured out that isometrics offer maximum results if done correctly.

There are three levels of isometric chest workout that we performed from upper, middle, and lower chest levels.

And from each level, you were able to perform them at three different levels from elbows being straight out, 90 degrees, and 45 degrees.

Plus, you can perform these exercises once per day.

Once done correctly, you will feel your chest pumping to new heights like no other. You will feel every muscle fiber being activated on even the tiniest micro fibers.

When you do these exercises consistently, you will become a new person and see everything in a new light. It will give you an amazing feeling!

Thank you for reading! Until next time everyone! Please leave your comments as well!




How to obtain a strong and sexy neck for good Attraction and Functionality in 3 Days!

Neck muscles are important because they are the base of your movement. Wherever your head goes, then your body follows with it! They are like your steering wheel that leads to the destination you wish to go.

To be honest, your neck is a sign of great strength.

Imagine a person who is all covered up and it is difficult to determine if this person trains, exercise, etc. Their arms are covered up, so there is no gauge to determine their POWER. So where would people determine if they are a person not to mess with? Their necks!

Your neck is the connection to your body, such as the nerves, functionality, and mood. Not to mention, it can help attract the opposite sex. As strange as it sounds, but neck muscles are similar to a lion’s mane and women, a beautiful swan.

So it not only shows great strength and functionality, but attractive as well. So how to obtain a strong and sexy neck for good attraction and functionality? Easy and simple! Through isometric neck exercises!

Why do I train my neck muscles?! Is it necessary?

I remember I woke up one day and I started to feel my neck was hurting so bad. The whole day was irritating and I just wanted the pain to go away.

So later that day I have been desperate to find things to just get rid of it because it was bothering me. I couldn’t turn my head, nod, or be at peace. I began to put my hands on the back of my head and I started to resist my head against my hands.

After I did that, some pain disappeared and I was relieved that it happened.

I began to realize that the reason why people have stiff necks in the first place is because we take them for granted. Just because it supports our needs by holding up our heads does not mean we ignore it.

So that is why I train my neck muscles. Plus, it makes you look sexy!

Front contraction for good presence!

Here we begin by exercising the front side of the muscle or the Suprahyoid muscles! By strengthening the front neck muscles, the person’s neck will not be sticking out, like how chimpanzees look. Rather, it can help correct your posture by causing an inward flexion.

Just imagine how Superman looks when he is standing, his neck is straight. Something similar to that. That gives a person’s presence among everyone else. It gives off that confident vibe because of how they carry themselves.

In terms of functionality, it grants a person’s stability and balance for the body. Quite similar to core strength!

First Angle: Looking up!

  1. First of all, tilt your head back until you see the ceiling.
  2. I have two hand placements:
    1. First is grasping your hands together and placing them on your forehead, while your head is tilted back. Both your hands will push your head back, while your head is pushing against your hands forward.
    2. The second is making a fist with both hands and putting them together. Tilt your head back until you see the ceiling, then place your hands beneath your chin. Now, your hands will push against your chin back, while your head is resisting against your hands going forward.
  3. As you begin to contract, at the same time you start to inhale in your diaphragm for 3 to 4 seconds. After inhaling and contracting as hard as you can, maintain the contraction and at the same time you will begin to exhale slowly for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  4. After fully exhaling, slowly relax your muscles and inhale again for 3 to 4 seconds, then exhale all the air out. That’s the full front neck exercise!

Second angle: Looking forward!

Just repeat the process in the first angle, but the only difference is that you are looking forward now. Grasp your hands, contract your muscles, and breathe properly.

Third angle: Looking down!

Just as we were doing in first and second angle, just repeat the process of these two angles. However, instead of looking up or looking forward, you will look down instead.

The breathing process and the muscle contraction will be the same.


For this exercise, I will show you how to get a stronger and lithe side neck muscles. So when you fall on your neck, then you will not experience any significant damage. This trains the side muscles, including your sternocleidomastoid, which helps rotate and extends the neck.

Whereas a person who doesn’t train their side neck muscles, will be brutally hurt and if you hurt your neck then it’s GAME OVER for you!

Anyways, here is the exercise!

First angle! ALMOST Ear to shoulder!

  1. Begin by tilting your head to your left side that your left ear is almost touching your left shoulder. Also, have proper posture!
  2. Place your right-hand on the right side of your head. Make sure that you are comfortable and your hand is firm, so your hand won’t slip or anything like that!
  3. Start contracting your neck muscles by moving your head to the right as hard as you can, while your right-hand is resisting. At the same time, you begin to inhale slowly for 3 to 4 seconds, while contracting. Then release the air slowly for about 10 to 12 seconds as you maintain the contraction.
  4. After exhaling, begin to inhale again for 3 to 4 seconds as you slowly relax your muscles and blow out. That is how you do the side muscles for this angle.

Second angle! JUST stand straight!

  • Quite similar to the first angle, but the difference is that your head will be in a neutral position, while you have proper posture. Place your right-hand to the right side of your head. Then begin by slowly contracting your head to the right side, while your right-hand push against it.
  • Don’t forget to breathe the same way as you did in the first angle.

Third angle! Ear to shoulder again!

  • Similar to the first angle, however the difference is that instead of your head tilting towards the left, your head will be tilted to the right side of your shoulder. Place your right hand firmly on the right side of your head and that’s when you begin the process.
  • Breathing will be the same as the first two angles and the muscle contractions.

Repeat these exercises on the opposite side!

Back neck exercises for all around greatness!

Ever woke up with a terrible neck pain? For some reason, it was always the back side of the neck! Why is that? Similar to the rest of the neck exercises, this one is special because it acts as an anchor to the cervical spine. The reason for having neck problems is usually the back side because it lacks stability!

SO how do you get rid of unwanted neck pains? Strengthening the back neck can solve that problem! Here are the exercises for the cervical neck!

First angle: Looking down!

  1. Begin by tilting your head downwards like you are staring at the floor. Intercept your fingers together with both hands and place them on the back of your head.
  2. Start by pushing your hands forward, like you are forcing your head to go down even further, while your head resists your hands by pushing backwards.
  3. As you slowly contract your muscles as hard as you can, inhale through your stomach for about 3 to 4 seconds. As you fully inhale and you reach maximum contraction, maintain that contraction as you are exhaling at the same time for about 10 to 12 seconds.
  4. After releasing all the air out of your system, inhale again for about 3 to 4 seconds and at the time you are relaxing your neck. Then you exhale again and that is the first angle of the back neck exercises.


After finishing these isometrics neck exercises, you will feel great afterwards. You will feel as if your posture as improved. Where your head goes the body follows and by training your neck will give that desired result.

For example, If I extend my neck, then my body will move to where the head is going, therefore creating a slouch. But if move my neck inward, then my spine will be forced to follow, therefore creating a better posture.

We learned with these exercises that it can help relieve stiff neck and remove pain completely with my experience.

Plus, you can be either a male or female when using isometric neck exercises!

You can take these exercises anywhere and anytime! The only thing left is having fun and focus.

Please  leave your comments if your have any.

Thank you!






How to get Toned and Powerful Arms: 3 Days with 5 Steps

For me, having beautiful and powerful arms, that is a cherry on top! It will not only make the person look aesthetically appealing, but it can give a person’s sense of strength.

Our arms are what brought us here to this world. From being held in our parents’ arms, from hunting and gathering food for the day, and even building things for our convenience.

Having functional arms is important and life would be different if we do not take care of them. So, how do we get toned and powerful arms?

What is the best exercise for arms?

In order for us to obtain our desired arms, we need to maintain them, like your car in the garage! So how do we maintain them? Exercise! But not just any random exercise, we will show you an exercise that increases strength and produces exponential results.

Plus, will not give you arms of a bodybuilder or anywhere near it, but rather it can give you a more chiseled or toned look.

The exercise is called Isometrics and we will show you the BEST exercises for the arms.

About Isometrics

Isometrics is a type of strength training exercise that requires no movement, while contracting one’s muscles. It activates all muscle fibers in one session of contraction.

However, isometrics only strengthen a specific angle with some carry over.

For example, if I bend my arm at a 90 degree angle and I start contracting my muscles as hard as I can for 10 to 12 seconds, then that angle will be strengthened with some slight carry over to that specific muscle.

Isometric exercises is not like other training methods. This method engages the nervous system, which becomes a mind and body connection.

Plus, isometrics are safe to execute and it requires almost no equipment. So, regardless of which angle or isometric exercise, you will be injure free.

That being said, it is time to present the different types of arm exercises for the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Isometrics shoulder exercises!

First of all, you can either stand or sit, while doing these exercises, but let us say we are standing up. While standing, the feet will be at least one foot or shoulder-length apart.

1. Front Deltoid Exercise

  • First angle: Thigh level!

  1. Hold out your hands forward and make sure the arms are straight out. Then, your right hand will grab your left wrist and both your hand will be 6 to 7 inches in front of your left thigh. Your hand will be facing palms down.
  2. Next, try to lift your left arm upwards are as hard as you possibly can, while the right hand is resisting the left hand with a downward motion.
  3. Slowly contract your muscles for about 3 to 4 seconds and you are inhaling at the same time. While inhaling, you breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
  4. After inhaling and contracting your muscles to maximum levels, you will begin to exhale slowly for 10 to 12 seconds and at the same time holding that maximum muscle contraction until all the air has been released.
  5. After releasing the air, begin to inhale again for 2 to 3 seconds and at the same time relaxing your arms slowly. And that is the process of the isometric shoulder exercises. Repeat this exercise with the other arm as well.
  • Second angle: Navel level!

  1. Repeat the process like in the thigh level, but the difference is that your hand will be in front of the navel instead of your thighs. Make sure your arms are straight out with palms down and you are breathing correctly.
  • Third angle: Shoulder level!

  1. Repeat the process like in the navel and thigh level, but the difference is that your hand will be in front of your shoulder or chin level, instead of your or navel or thighs. Make sure your arms are straight out with your palms down and you are breathing correctly.

2. Side Deltoid Exercise

  • First angle: Thigh level!

  1. Like the front deltoid exercises, it presents the same angles. But the difference is that, the arm will be on the side instead of the front. Begin by just standing straight and feeling relaxed.
  2. Raise your left arm on the side and your hands will be about 6 to 7 inches from your left thigh, while keeping your elbows slightly bent. Then, grab your left wrist with your right hand and hold tightly.
  3. Next, we begin to contract our left shoulder by raising it in an upward motion, while the right hand that is holding the left wrist is pulling downwards. Therefore, they are resisting one another and you do not move while the muscle is contracting.
  4. Begin by slowly building contraction with your left shoulder and you are slowly breathing deep for about 3 to 4 seconds. After building maximum contraction and fully inhaling, begin by slowly exhaling for about 10 to 12 seconds, while maintaining maximum contraction.
  5. When you fully released the air, start by slowly relaxing your left arm and at the same time, inhaling once again for about 3 to 4 seconds. Lastly, let go of your left wrist and that is the side deltoid exercise. Repeat the process on your right shoulder as well.
  • Second angle: Navel level!

  1. Repeat the process of the first angle of this exercise. However, your arm angle will be on the navel level with the same deep breathing and so forth.
  • Third angle: Chin level!

  1. Repeat the process of the first and second angle of this exercise. However, your arm angle will be on the chin level with the same deep breathing and level of contraction.

3. Rear Deltoid Exercise

  • First angle: Thigh level again!

  1. Like the front deltoid exercise, you raise your hands straight out at thigh level for about 6 to 7 inches from it.
  2. Then, grasp your left wrist with your right hand as tightly as you can. Make sure your hands are palms facing down, so that it targets the rear deltoids more.
  3. Next, begin to pull your left shoulder sideways towards the left, while you contract your muscles as hard as you can. Your right hand will resist and it will pull sideways to the right.
  4. As you contract your muscles slowly, you will inhale for 3 to 4 seconds through your nose at the same time. After inhaling and reaching maximum contraction, you will then release the air slowly for about 10 to 12 seconds and you will keep that maximum contraction when exhaling.
  5. Once, you have released the air, slowly relax your muscles and at the same time inhale for about 3 to 4 seconds. Then, release the air and you are finished. Repeat this process with the opposite hand.
  • Second angle: Chest level!

  1. Repeat the process from the first angle, but this time it will be at chest level. Don’t forget to breathe!
  • Third angle: Forehead level

  1. Repeat the first and second angles. But the only thing different is that the hands will be forehead level. So, it is the same process. Just repeat the instructions as follows.

Biceps and Triceps

1. Inner Bicep Curls and Triceps push down

  • First Position: About 135 to 140 degree angles.

  1. First of all, you can do this either standing or sitting down, but let us do it standing up. So while standing up, your feet will be at least 12 inches or shoulder width apart.
  2. Next, bend your right elbow slightly about 135 to 140 degrees, and your right arm is kept on your right side. Your right palm is facing up, while your left hand is grasping the right hand.
  3. Begin to contract your right bicep by lifting upwards, while your left arm is pushing downwards, creating a resistance.
  4. Like the previous exercises, slowly build muscle contractions as hard as you can, while you slowly inhale for 3 to 4 seconds.
  5. Then, once you build the contraction and you inhaled, you start by slowly exhaling and at the same time keeping that maximum contraction for 10 to 12 seconds. Feel both your right bicep and left triceps contracting. After that, slowly relax your muscles and inhale again. Lastly, exhale again and now you are finished with the exercise for these angles. Repeat the process with the other hand.
  • Second position: 90 degree angles.

  1. Repeat the first position, but implement it by having a 90 degree instead of a 135 to 140 degree angle.
  • Third position: Peak or 45 degree!

  1. Repeat the first and second position, however, implement it with a 45 degrees angles. Don’t forget to breathe!

2. Hammer Curls and Triceps push down

  • First position: 135 to 140 degree angles.

  1. Begin by standing up with your feet 12 inches or shoulder width apart.
  2. Then, slightly bend your right arm, while keeping it to your side. Take your left hand and grasp your right hand tightly. Your palms will be facing horizontally!
  3. Slowly build contraction by trying to lift your right arm upwards, while your left hand is resisting the right hand.
  4. As you build contraction, you have already inhaled at the same time for 3 to 4 seconds. Then you exhale slowly as you keep the maximum contraction with your muscles for 10 to 12 seconds.
  5. You will begin to feel your right bicep and left triceps working. Finally, when you release the air, you inhale as you relax your muscles slowly. Now, you are finished with this workout. Repeat the process to the left arm
  • Second position: 90 degree angles.

  1. Repeat the process for the first position. This one will be at a 90 degree angle. Remember to breathe as you go.
  • Third position: Peak or 45 degree angles.

  1. Repeat the process for the first and second position. This one will be at a 45 degree angles. Remember to breathe as you go.

Such Powerful Guns!

So far, we showed you how to build a beautiful, SEXY and powerful arm! We guided you on how to build the shoulders, biceps, and triceps using isometric exercises on three different planes.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can divide the angles into different days.

For example, the first angle of the shoulders will be on day 1, second angle would be on day 2, and the third angle will be on day 3. Lastly, day 4 can be your rest day or you continue the cycle.

So, it is a simple and effective method. You won’t even get big from these exercises and it would proportionally satisfy your body type and bone structure.

Plus, it is an injury free method and you get more energized after doing it. Isometric arm exercises are one of the best exercises of eliminating flabby arms and can transform them to a strong and toned ones.

Making you irresistible!

Please leave your comments and we would love to give you all our services!